Name Takuto Yunogaya
JP Name ユノガヤ タクト
Player Name YUNØ
JP Player Name Yūno (ユーノ)
Age 19
Gender Male
Deck Dungeon
Level 16 (As of Chapter 2)
Class Adventurer
Appearances Yu-Gi-Oh! Q

Takuto Yunogaya (ユノガヤ タクト, Yunogaya Takuto) is the main protagonist of Yu-Gi-Oh! Q. A newbie Duelist, Takuto joins the online virtual game, "Duel Monsters Online (DMO)", to experience Dueling for the first time. While in DMO, he goes by the name "YUNØ " (ユーノ, Yūno), taken from the first part of his last name, though spelled differently.


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Very casual in nature, Takuto is generally laid back and easy going. While not against the idea of playing Duel Monsters, he has never found any particular reason to play the game. Despite his nature, he has a rather sharp tongue when it comes to pointing out not only flaws in others' logic, but also any sort of wrongdoing done to him or others.

Beyond this, Takuto is a very studious and intelligent person, being able to pick up on the rules of Duel Monsters and DMO in a rather short time.


Takuto is a college student attending an unnamed university and unlike previous protagonists, has never played Duel Monsters before. Opting to focus more on his studies than anything, he has never even considered playing the game before. One day, while wandering around campus, he happens upon the room of the DMO Club, and is somehow roped into not only joining the club but also becoming a player for Duel Monsters Online.


Takuto uses a "Dungeon HERO" Deck, which focuses primarily on getting out his stronger Dungeon monsters and strengthening them through his various Class Changeable monsters. His strategies are usually planned to work in tandem with any of his Skills, since he is able to use such a wide variety of them. His ace monster is "Dungeon HERO Sword Braver", along its various Class Changed forms.


Player StatusEdit

Current StatsEdit

Class Level LP Max SP
Adventurer 16 4000 11



Name SP Cost Ability Level Learned
Gear-Up 1 Draw 1 card. 3
Guardian Shield 2 (Quick Effect): Activate this effect; this turn, monsters you control cannot be destroyed by battle and all battle you take is halved. 8
Magician's Chant 3 Excavate the top 4 cards of your Deck, and if you do, you can add 1 excavated Spell to your hand, also shuffle the remaining cards into the Deck. 14
Knight's Melody  ? Currently Unknown Special


Name Ability Level Learned
Hero's Trial Locks player into Adventurer Class. Allows player to learn Skills from all Classes, at higher SP Cost. 1
Boss Capture When defeating a BOSS-type enemy, random chance to convert defeated BOSS into new card. 14


Opponent(s) Chapter Outcome
Cicade 1 Win
Azure 2 Win (with Amadeus)


  • Takuto is the first Yu-Gi-Oh! protagonist seen attending school at a college level.
    • He is also the first protagonist to never have played Duel Monsters before.
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