Superheavy Samurai Soulstriker Blade
JPN Japanese: ちょうじゅうしゃそうストライカー・ブレイド
JPN Phonetic: Chōjūmusha Sōru Sutoraikā Bureido
JPN Translated: Superheavy Samurai Soul Striker Blade
Card Attribute: EARTH EARTH
Card Type(s): [ Machine/Pendulum/Effect ]
Level: Level 3 Level starLevel starLevel star
Pendulum Scale: 9 Pendulum Scale 9
ATK/DEF: 300 / 1500
Pendulum Lore:

You cannot Pendulum Summon monsters, except "Superheavy Samurai" monsters. This effect cannot be negated. "Superheavy Samurai" monsters you control gain 500 DEF.

Monster Lore:

You can target 1 "Superheavy Samurai" monster you control; equip this monster from your hand or your side of the field to that target. It cannot be destroyed by battle with a monster whose ATK is higher than double the equipped monster's ATK. During either player's turn: You can discard this card, then target 1 Defense Position "Superheavy Samurai" monster you control; halve that monster's ATK, then it gains DEF equal to the current ATK of that card, until the End Phase.

Japanese Lore:

Pendulum Effect: ???
Monster Effect: ???

Card Limit:
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Other Card Information:

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