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Summoner Venomonk
Attribute DARK DARK.png
Type(s) [ Reptile/Effect ]
Guardian Stars Moon (Moon (☾)), Jupiter (Jupiter (♃))
Level 4 Level.pngLevel.pngLevel.pngLevel.png
ATK / DEF 800 / 0
This card cannot be tribute for a Tribute Summon of a non-Reptile monster.When you Synchro Summon or Xyz Summon a Reptile-Type monster, you can Special Summon this card (from your hand). When this card is summoned, you can change it to Defense Position.Once per turn, you can activate 1 of the following effects:

● Send 1 Reptile-Type monster from your deck to the Graveyard.

● Discard 1 card; Special Summon 1 Reptile-Type monster from your deck. It cannot attack this turn. You can activate the effect of "Summoner Venomonk" only once per turn .