A Summon Memory (しょうかんおく Shōkan no Kioku) is an aspect of the Yu-Gi-Oh Card Game that relates to Memory Monsters and Memory Summoning. Memories are similar to Counters, or Crests from the Dungeon Dice Monsters game, in application and are stored in a Memory Pool.

Summon Memories are primarily generated by performing an advanced form of Special Summoning, i.e. those of monsters with their own unique card borders (Fusion, Synchro, Xyz, etc.), though other methods of Memory generation exist. These Memories are labeled as "*monster type* Memory" (i.e. Fusion Memory). Up to 4 Summon Memories can be stored in the Memory Pool at a time, including duplicates, and if a new Memory is generated while the Pool is full, the earliest Memory within is removed to make room.

While the player has Summon Memories in their Memory Pool, they can use them as pseudo-Materials to Memory Summon Memory Monsters alongside the proper Memory Material Monsters. When this is done, the corresponding Memory(s) is removed from the Memory Pool. At the end of the player's turn, their Memory Pool is emptied completely.

Normal Summoning, Flip Summoning, Tribute Summoning, and basic Special Summoning do not generate Summon Memories.

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