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Structure Deck: Luna Yukari is a Structure Deck.


Introduced in Starter Deck 2021, Compact Mode was an innovative way to evolve Code Summoning. Now we expand on that evolution with Structure Deck: Luna Yukari. This Deck comes with a 40 card Deck, and a 4 card Outer Deck, including a new Super Rare alternate artwork of her ace monster, Deadlights Genesis Dragon.

Also included are highly sought out cards like Eldlich the Golden Lord, PSY-Framegear Gamma, Forbidden Droplets, and Pot of Prosperity, as well as a Compact Program Control Pack, with 4 cards for the Deadlights strategy as well as a reprint of Union Carrier, which you can Link Summon or banish for your Pot of Prosperity. All cards in this pack can be obtained as Secret Rare cards.


This Deck contains:

  • 1 Ultra Rare card
  • 4 Super Rare cards
  • 5 Normal Parallel Rare cards
  • 34 Common cards.

The Compact Program Control Pack includes:

  • 2 Ultra Rare cards
  • 3 Super Rare cards

All cards are available as Secret Rare.

Deck List []

This Deck includes:

Compact Program Control Pack[]