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Warning: Display title "Structure Deck: Fury of the Ocean Lord" overrides earlier display title "<i>Structure Deck: Fury of the Ocean Lord</i>".Structure Deck: Fury of the Ocean Lord is a Structure Deck that succeeds Structure Deck: Astro Wave  and precedes Structure Deck: Cyberdark Chaos.


Contains 40 cards

  • 40-card Deck
    • 1 Ultra Rare
    • 3 Super Rare
    • 16 Normal Parallel Rare
    • 20 Common
  • Introduces the "Marine Arms" archetype
  • Is the first Ritual Summon-based Structure Deck
  • Focuses on the Yu-Gi-Oh! D-ZERO character, Maria
  • It's the first Structure Deck of the D-ZERO era
  • Contains a double-sided playmat with a Dueling Guide on the other side.
  • Contains a rulebook.
  • The Parallel Rare foiling is that of bubbles as opposed to the pattern of the usual Parallel Rare foiling.
  • The cover card is "Lunar Marine Arms - Poseidon, the Ocean Lord"


  • Unknown as of now

Deck List []

This Deck includes: