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Structure Deck: Cosmic Storm (known as STRUCTURE DECK(ストラクチャーデッキ) -宇宙の嵐- in the FOCG) is a fan-made Structure Deck. This Deck follows Structure Deck: Gladiators' Return and is followed by Structure Deck: Master of Hope.


This 40-card deck focuses on Machine-Type Pendulum Monsters, including over 20 new cards. It also includes 1 Enhancement Pack consisted of 5 out of 15 possible cards, always including 1 special Collector's Ultra Rare card that is native to the Structure Deck and 2 Super Parallel Rare illegal Pendulum Monsters, 2 Unholy Knights of the Damned packs, 70 sleeves featuring the Ultra Rare monsters, and a rubber playmat featuring the said Machine-Type monsters.

Cover Cards: Solarkaiser - Helios

Recommended cards[]

This set features cards such as "Photon Wing Astro Dragon" for more Pendulum-oriented strategies. For Extra Deck options, the Deck recommends cards like "Genex Ally Birdman" and "Clear Wing Synchro Dragon" for a Synchro strategy, or "Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon" and "Castel the Sky Blaster Musketeer" for an Xyz strategy.


This deck includes cards of the following rarity:

The enhancement pack includes 5 cards, with 15 in total of the following rarity:

Deck List (OCG)[]

This Deck includes:

Deck List (TCG)[]

This Deck includes:

  • (SDCS-EN???) ???

Enhancement Pack List[]

This enhancement pack includes:

  • (SD20-JPV??) ???