String Zone Edit

The new String Zone is a new Zone that is traditionally positioned to the right of the Main Deck and GY. Cards placed in the String Zone are traditionally placed horizontally, moving up the zone in a sort of laddering fashion.

Cards can enter the String Zone by being used as material to Weave Summon a Weave Monster. Cards can also be placed in the String Zone by certain card effects. Cards can also have certain effects when face-up in the String Zone.

Cards can also be forced face-down in the String Zone by card effects, which will not affect it’s ability to be cut if a cut effect only specifies cutting a card, in which it then goes to the GY face-up. However, it cannnot be cut by cut effects that specify certain types of cards. For example, if an effect calls for cutting a Spell card from the String Zone, even if the set card is a Spell card, it cannot be cut.

If you don’t control a face-up Weave Monster, all cards in the String Zone are automatically sent to the GY, except for Weave Monsters face-up in the String Zone.


  • If the only Weave Monster(s) you control are being used as material for a Weave Summon, all cards still remain in the String Zone.
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