Storm of the Duelist is the first booster pack in the first series and the rebooted series of Yu-Gi-Oh! NOVA era.

Features[edit | edit source]

List[edit | edit source]

Set no. English Name Japanese Name Rarity Category
SODU-EN001 Constellation Alkes Effect Tuner monster
SODU-EN002 Constellation Beta Albireo Effect Monster
SODU-EN003 Constellation Sham Effect Tuner monster
SODU-EN004 Constellation Mirzam Effect Overlimit monster
SODU-EN005 Constellation Procyon Effect Overlimit monster
SODU-EN006 Graviton Slider Effect Monster
SODU-EN007 Graviton Security Hundog Effect Tuner monster
SODU-EN008 Graviton Winder Effect Monster
SODU-EN009 Graviton Breaker Effect Monster
SODU-EN010 Exocrystal Backbend Effect Monster
SODU-EN011 Exocrystal Frontbend Effect Monster
SODU-EN012 Exocrystal Handstand Effect Tuner monster
SODU-EN013 Exocrystal Bridge Effect Monster
SODU-EN014 Exocrystal Splits Effect Monster
SODU-EN015 Exocrystal Oversplit Effect Monster
SODU-EN016 Exocrystal Cartwheel Effect Monster
SODU-EN017 Anthoine of the Ancient Regime Effect Monster
SODU-EN018 Romano of the Ancient Regime Effect Tuner monster
SODU-EN019 Sarus of the Ancient Regime Effect Monster
SODU-EN020 Esteban of the Ancient Regime Effect Tuner monster
SODU-EN021 Diablo of the Ancient Regime Effect Monster
SODU-EN022 Matadrill Martinator Effect Monster
SODU-EN023 Matadrill Pol Effect Monster
SODU-EN024 Matadrill Aleix Effect Monster
SODU-EN025 Matadrill Rinz Effect Monster
SODU-EN026 Matadrill Iker Effect Monster
SODU-EN027 Distortia Franky Effect Monster
SODU-EN028 Distortia Pecco Effect Monster
SODU-EN029 Distortia Luca Effect Monster
SODU-EN030 Distortia Salvadori Effect Monster
SODU-EN031 Distortia Simon Effect Monster
SODU-EN032 Distortia Superdo Effect Overlimit monster
SODU-EN033 Exocrystal Princess Anya Effect Fusion Monster
SODU-EN034 Solar Ray Dragoon of Distortia Effect Fusion Monster
SODU-EN035 Distortia Doctor Doctrine Effect Fusion Monster
SODU-EN036 Constellation Binary Scorpia/Overlimit Mode Effect Overlimit Synchro Monster
SODU-EN037 Galaxy-Eyes Graviton Beam Dragon Effect Synchro Noise Monster
SODU-EN038 Exocrystal Princess Tanya Effect Synchro Monster
SODU-EN039 Shining Judgment Knight of Ancient Regime Effect Synchro Monster
SODU-EN040 Henri of the Ancient Regime Effect Tuner Synchro Monster
SODU-EN041 Prostfessor of the Ancient Regime Effect Synchro Monster
SODU-EN042 Galaxy-Eyes Graviton Dragon Quantum Effect Xyz Noise Monster
SODU-EN043 Exocrystal Princess Oksana Effect Xyz Monster
SODU-EN044 Burning Charioteer, the Matadrill Effect Xyz Monster
SODU-EN045 Matadrill Marc Effect Xyz Monster
SODU-EN046 Constellation Atria Effect Link Monster
SODU-EN047 Exocrystal Princess Luda Effect Link Monster
SODU-EN048 Beltoise of the Ancient Regime Effect Link Monster
SODU-EN049 Cevert of the Ancient Regime Effect Link Monster
SODU-EN050 Matadrill Pedro Effect Link Monster
SODU-EN051 Constellation Crater Normal Spell
SODU-EN052 Constellation Meteorite Quick-Play Spell
SODU-EN053 Constellation Tail Equip Spell
SODU-EN054 Graviton Stealth Continuous Spell
SODU-EN055 Graviton Knuckle Equip Spell
SODU-EN056 Graviton Dimension Field Spell
SODU-EN057 Exocrystal Spectacle Normal Spell
SODU-EN058 Exocrystal Circus Field Spell
SODU-EN059 Exocrystal Switch Quick-Play Spell
SODU-EN060 Tragedy of the Ancient Regime Normal Spell
SODU-EN061 Crystalline Ancient Regime Continuous Spell
SODU-EN062 Toppling of the Ancient Regime Quick-Play Spell
SODU-EN063 Matadrill Arena Field Spell
SODU-EN064 Matadrill Reactor Quick-Play Spell
SODU-EN065 Distortia Fusion Quick-Play Spell
SODU-EN066 Distortia Glitch Equip Spell
SODU-EN067 Constellation Exoplanet Normal Trap
SODU-EN068 Constellation Outer Space Continuous Trap
SODU-EN069 Vast Constellation Normal Trap
SODU-EN070 Graviton Distraction Continuous Trap
SODU-EN071 Graviton Reverse Normal Trap
SODU-EN072 Exocrystal Magic Normal Trap
SODU-EN073 Exocrystal Awakening Normal Trap
SODU-EN074 Exocrystal Trick Counter Trap
SODU-EN075 Superior Ancient Regime Continuous Trap
SODU-EN076 Imperial Ancient Regime Counter Trap
SODU-EN077 Matadrill Confrontation Normal Trap
SODU-EN078 Matadrill Armor Normal Trap
SODU-EN079 Distortia Control Continuous Trap
SODU-EN080 Distortia Limit Normal Trap
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