Starter Deck Nova V is a fan-made Starter Deck. This Starter Deck follows Starter Deck Nova 4: Awakening of the Ancient Dragon. This Deck is followed by Starter Deck D-ZERO.


This 40-card Deck focuses on Normal Monsters, and includes an Enhancement Pack containing 1 Ultra Rare card.

Cover card: Odd-Eyes Yokai Dragon, Ebon Illusion Magician (box only), Azure-Eyes Silver Dragon (box only), First of the Dragons (box only)


This includes:

  • A 40-card Deck (1 Ultra Rare, 2 Super Rare, and 5 Normal Parallel Rare)
  • One Rulebook
  • One Starter Deck-boosting pack (5 cards each)
  • One Playing Guide
  • One Playing Field


The card list includes:

Enhancement Pack ListEdit

The Enhancement Pack includes:

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