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Starter Deck D-ZERO 2017 Q2 is a Starter Deck that follows Starter Deck D-ZERO 2017 Q1.


  • Contains a double-sided playmat.
  • Contains a rulebook.
  • Contains a Dueling Guide.
  • A preconstructed Deck of 43 cards + 2 Impure Monsters.
  • The 3 other non-Main Deck cards is a new Summon mechanic from the 6th Yu-Gi-Oh! series
  • The Tribe mechanic is introduced along with Tribe Force, a power to unleash latent abilities respective of its Tribe
  • The true form of "Rift Beast - Zero Burst Dragon" is finally playable
  • A new ace monster respective of this new Summon also appears
  • This Deck will follow the rules of Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS.
  • This Starter Deck does not use the Yu-Gi-Oh! D-ZERO moniker, marking Lazarus Rising as the final D-ZERO booster set
  • The cover card is "Rift Beast - Dimension Zero Dragon".


Deck List[]

This deck includes: