Stars Gang
Stars Gang Emblem
Name: Stars Gang
Leader: Yukito Ousama
Vice-Leader: Masato Yamagami
Summon Type: Xyz Summon
Appears In: Yu-Gi-Oh! Underground

The Stars Gang is a group of duelists, mainly consisting of the protagonists of Yu-Gi-Oh! Underground. All members of the Stars Gang use Xyz Summon only, with the exception being the leader of the group, Yukito Ousama, who uses all Summon Types.


The emblem for the Stars Gang is unique in that it has multiple colors contained in it, while the emblems of the other gangs only have 1 color in them. The main design consists of a black star with a green border around it, in front of 3 marks; 1 red, 1 blue, and one yellow. The yellow mark is drawn in the shape of an X, the blue mark is in the shape of a Y, and the red mark is in the shape of a Z, spelling out XYZ, the Summon type used by the Stars Gang.


The Stars Gang was founded about 3 years prior to the beginning of the series by Yuktio Ousama, and they were one of the groups to participate in the Duel Wars that took place 2 years prior to the beginning of the series. The Stars Gang ended up being the primary winner, and the fighting between the 4 Duel Gangs ceased.


The main base of operations for the Stars Gang is an abandoned building in the outskirts of Hoshio City that was once a large hospital. The entire building, however has been renovated, being filled with advanced computing systems, large training areas built underneath the base of the building, and various other advancements made to make it a proper headquarters. After the changes were made to the building, the location was dubbed "Dullahan" by Yukito.


The role of the Stars Gang is to act as a type of police force for duelists. Their primary job is to handle offenses committed by duelists, usually involving the use of the Realist System. The Stars Gang often works in coordination with the Hoshio Police Union to apprehend duelists who are misusing the realist system, selling forged cards, and other Duel Monsters-related crimes.


Unlike other Duel Gangs, where their actions within the gang are considered to be a job, the Stars Gang functions very casually. Members aren't expected to show up at a certain time each day and aren't required to check-in to HQ each day. However, 100% of the Stars Gang members are always within contacting range of one another. As for member standards, there exist none. There are many members located around Hoshio City, a percentage of which are not even duelists. They are able to offer their support is various ways such as Mr. Yatamura, who offers financial support to the Stars Gang. There are currently over 300 members in the Stars Gang.


  • 300+ Other Members
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