Stardust Illusion is a Booster Pack. It follows the Love Unbound set, and is followed by the Cyclone of Darkness set. This pack is the first of D-ZERO Season 2 and the final pack of the second arc.


Cover card: Stardust Nebula Dragon

Booster Set Number: 406

Set art colour: Purple

Contains: Introduces Mechtanium, Exo-Galaxy and Trial archetypes. Supports Lune-Eyes, Gesshoku, Rift Beast, Blood Moon, Blitzrider, Marine Arms, Shatterhail, Hiro, Suimin, Stardust Dragon-Type Monsters, Red Dragon Archfiend, Synchron, Hazy Flame, Scrap, Artifact, Ghostrick, Magician, Black Luster Soldier, Majestic, Synchro Monsters and Impure Monster.


There are 85 cards in total.

Card ListEdit

Stardust Illusion: Special EditionEdit

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