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Stardust Illusion is a Booster Pack. It follows the Love Unbound set, and is followed by the Cyclone of Darkness set. This pack is the first of D-ZERO Season 2 and the final pack of the second arc.


Cover card: Stardust Nebula Dragon

Booster Set Number: 406

Set art colour: Purple

Contains: Introduces Mechtanium, Exo-Galaxy and Trial archetypes. Supports Lune-Eyes, Gesshoku, Rift Beast, Blood Moon, Blitzrider, Marine Arms, Shatterhail, Hiro, Suimin, Stardust Dragon-Type Monsters, Red Dragon Archfiend, Synchron, Hazy Flame, Scrap, Artifact, Ghostrick, Magician, Black Luster Soldier, Majestic, Synchro Monsters and Impure Monster.


There are 85 cards in total.

Card List[]

Stardust Illusion: Special Edition[]