Stair monsters are a new knid of monsters created by DNumeritos

Rulings of the Stair Monsters:

They are stored in the Extra Deck, and instead of Levels, they have Generations (like Exile monsters), equal to the number of monsters used for summon them. The number of Generations is always between 3 and 5.

- To summon them, you must use monsters with consecutive levels on the field. The minimum number of monsters is 3. For instance, you can use a Level 1 monsters, a Level 2 monster and a Level 3 monster to summon a 3 generations Stair monsters. You must banished this materials to performe the Stair Summon.

-A Stair monster that has not been previously summoned by means of a Stair Summon cannot be summoned in a special way from the graveyard, as it happens with monsters of Ritual, Fusion, Synchro, etc.

-Stair  monsters, coming from the extra deck, can only be summoned in the main monster zone if there is a link (in the link metagame, if we consider it previous or nonexistent they will be place in the main monster zone).

-There is no limit of Stair monsters in the Extra Deck.

Questions regarding Stair monsters

Q: If my opponent controls Fossil Dyna (or any card that prevents Special Summoning), can I Stair Summon?

A: No, you cannot as Stair Summon is a Special Summon.

Q: If you control 3 monsters with Predator Counters, can I Stair Summon? Xyz Summon?

A: Monsters with Predator Counters whose Levels are 2 or higher have their Levels reduced to 1. In this case, you cannot Stair Summon unless the scale is correct (A level 5 monsters can be reduced to level 4 and then you can Stair Summon with a Levl 3 and Level 4 monster; a Level 2 reduced to Level 1 can be used if there is a Level 3 and a Level 2, etc). However, you can Xyz Summon a Rank 1 monster.

Q: If I control Inspector Boarder and Decode Talker, and I chain Divine Wrath to response to my opponent's Stair monster, is it possible for him to activate the effect of another Stair monster?

A: Normally each player would be able to activate the effect of 1 Stair monster due to the presence of a Link monster (Decode Talker). However, since Divine Wrath negated the effect of the Stair monster, he cannot activate another Stair monster effect as the 1 effect was used up due to the Boarder lock.

Q: Can the effects of Stair monsters be applied if you control Majesty's Fiend?

A: Unless the Stair monster has a continuous effect (e.g. "Gains 100 ATK/DEF for each 'X' monster in the GYs."), the effects of Stair monsters cannot be applied. Only the continuous effects of Stair monsters will be applied.

Q: If I control Amano-Iwato, can my opponent activate the effects of Stair Monsters?

A: If the Stair monster was a Spirit type monster, yes, otherwise only the continuous effects of Stair monsters can be applied.


Generation's star:


-This concept was created based on "stairs" of Spanish Card games, like "chinchón".

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