E-C (Alternatively/formely called "Stage") is an indicator of Evolute Monster' strength, and a combination of total Levels/Ranks of its materials, a Stage can provide the Evolute Monster with counters equal to its number, like Xyz; they are now placed on the left of the card between card artworks and card's name (from 0 to 13) otherwise, it would display a central orb, with Number on it, basically the stage is shaped like this:E-C


Normal Evolute Monsters:Edit

Usually, Normal Evolute Monsters have the "E-C" orb in the middle above their respective card artworks, accompagned by their respective E-C they have.

Conjoint Evolute Monsters:Edit

Unlike Regular Evolute Monsters,Conjoint Evolute Monsters have an additional Purple orb called "C-E", usually, shaped like this "C-E" Which allows any other Evolute Monsters gain its E-C when Conjointed.



  • The original concept was deserted as an indicator, but reused in the card artworks of cards that involve Evolute Monsters.
  • Instead, they're now E-Counters, similar to the ones portrayed in "Carole, Empress of Fiber VINE"
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