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"Steel Wheels" GT, the Burnout to Access Point
Accesscode Talker to Airodont, Snow-Wrapped Cat
Airraid Aurora to Ally of Justice Omni-Weapon
Ally of Justice Radiance Destroyer to Anatolia Knight - Paphlagonia
Anatolia Knight - Phrygia to Angel, Fairy of Redundancy
Angel 01 to Apocalyptic Knight - Davryn, the Fortune Queen
Apocalyptic Knight - Desdroid Reverse Programmer to Arcana Force VIII - The Strength
Arcana Force VIII - The Strength (LHK) to Armor - Active Guard
Armor - Advanced Shield to Ashmouth Immolation Guardian
Ashmouth Incinerator Wyvern to Aural Fighter's Vain Hope
Aural Fighter - Amber to Back-Alley Seductress
Back To the Future to Battle Goddess Euterpe
Battle Goddess Maia to Belaunus, Master of the Yondan Archives
Beleth, King from the Burning Abyss to Bionic Knight, Srit
Bionic Knight, Thor to Blackwing - Xaxas the Destroyer Storm
Blackwing - Yamikarasu the Scarecrow to Blightstone Anarchist
Blightstone Archfiend to Blue Sky Knight, Altmile
Blue Sky Knights' Assault to Borrelrokket Dragon
Borrelvalve Dragon to Broken Bone Servant
Broken Brakes to Burstsect Moth
Burstsect Scorpion to Calamity Golem
Calamity Golem Tin to Card Artworks:Protection from the Invaders
Card Artworks:Red Yukiron Blonde Gunner to Card Trivia:Argos - The Town of the Ancients
Card Trivia:Ari Gator to Card Trivia:Hinn' Seductive trap
Card Trivia:Hinn, Maiden of Fiber VINE to Card Trivia:Scarlet Celebrity Nova
Card Trivia:Scarlet Celebrity Ray to Carpe Diem, Force
Carpe Diem, Marcus Aurelius to Cerulean Tears
Cerulean Vase to Char Baryonyx
Char Brachio to Christmas Beast Bellswine
Christmas Beast Candlescow to Clarkroid
Clash Magician to Collateral Damage
Collective of the Gate Watchers to Contract with the Queen of Evil VINE
Contract with the White to Cosmic Spell of Ancient Tome
Cosmic Spell of Concentration to Crestfallen Ronin - Zaskui
Cretan Bull to Crossdimension - Next Purple
Crossdimension - Noire to Crystal Wizard
Crystalfrost Behemoth to Cyber Dragon Rastaban
Cyber Dragon Sechs to Cyberdark Spine
Cyberdark Storm to D-Pentacle Vermeulen
D-Pentacle West to Dankblaze Dankgon
Dankerva, the 420 Lightsworn to Dark Schemes
Dark Scorpion's Lair to Decade of the Universal Worlds
Decaffinated Coffee to Demonic Colossal Bear
Demonic Dice-Bearer to Dewis, Negotiator of Borders
Dewloren, Necrotiger of the Black Ice to Dinomight!!
Dinomist Aetonyx to Dominant Dragon
Domination Dance to Dragon Nosferatu Carmilla
Dragon Nosferatu Orlok to Drillbit Roar
Drillbit Sabretooth to ESPergear Armor:Waist
ESPergear Armor:Wings to El Shaddoll Rodex
El Shaddoll Seraphiel to Elementcore Aeras
Elementcore Genesis to Enchanted Shoes - Clogs
Enchanted Shoes - Doll Shoes to Esprilite Gleamin
Esprilite Glitero to Ex-Maskori Prince Lysandre
Ex-Maskori Wanderer Lysandre to Fabled Lazarus
Fabled Lucifer to Fatal Error Dragon
Fatal Flaw Virus to Ferrylich's Beast Karkinos
Ferrylich's Ship to Fishborg Hunter
Fishborg Navigator to Flexurl Polina
Flexurl Veronica to Forbidden Bracelet
Forbidden Dust Dummy to Fowltress Escapostrich
Fowltress Neovulture to Frozen Flower Lotus
Frozen Flower Mallow to Gadget Round Recycle
Gadget Round Rex to Gameon Sharpshooter
Gameon Strike to Geode Golem
Geoforming to Gishki Mermaid
Gishki Senelia to Gottoms Twister of Gust VINE
Gouda & Evil of the Burdude Acheese to Graviton Yamal 300K
Gravity-Influenced Wyrm LV4 to Gunanator
Gundend Dragon to H.S. Mother Nature
H.S. Orion to Harpie Lady Phoenix
Harpie Lady Tria to Heat Dragon Jr.
Heat Hand to Hey - don't turn your back on me
Hi-Speedroid Astrojax to Hollowed Soul - Dimensional Warp Sniper
Hollowed Soul - Dusk to Hunter's Reborn
Hunter's Regeneration to Iblis Resistance
Iblis Symptom to Imperial Ruler - Alexander II
Imperial Ruler - Alexander III to Infinifighter Super Trunks
Infinifighter Super Vegeta to Iron Chain Hedgehog
Iron Chain Paladin to Jigenryu, Dimension Rifter
Jigenryu, Dimension Transporter to Kagerou Disciple - Aristoteles
Kagerou Disciple - Charicles to Kazuto, the Swift Ninja
Kazuya Yukimura (ReWrite) to Knight of Red Dragon
Knight of Refinement, Benizel to Kuribrigand
Kuribrothel to Lazarus Preacher
Lazarus Priest to Liberator Mirror Force
Liberator Passion to Lion Heart King, the Blossomed
Lion Heart King, the Bone-Breaking to Ludwig, Polaris General
Ludwig von DrakO to Mach Warrior
Macheon, Miraculous Beast of the Forest to Magmalympian's Stadium
Magmalympian - Bobsled Drivers to Malwehr Objective-C
Malwehr PHP to Master Tactician Leangle
Master Tiki Elder to Matrix Soldier - Triangular
Matrix Sorcerer to Meklord Emperor Granel
Meklord Emperor Hiro to Metaphys Luster
Metaphys Mirage Dragon to Mirage
Mirage Archfiend to Modern Lifeform Reactor
Modern Lifeform Reborn to Mortgage Tax Collector
Morton DrakO to Mysterious Fossil
Mysterious Full-Armored Blazing Dragon to Naval Vessel - Banshee
Naval Vessel - Beagle to Nemuri Slayer
Nemuri Slumber to Nickel Soldier
Nickelback to Nitrowheel Bull Whip
Nitrowheel Burst to Nuclearoid Power Plant
Nuclearoid Terminal to Number X10486: Galaxy-Eyes Graviton Tachyon Dragon
Number X1406: Hope Harbringer Woven Dragon Titanic Shark Galaxy to Oddster Parallel, the Magician Dracoslayer
Odin's Farsight to Orcish Grunt
Orcish Leader to Pacifying Enchantment
Pack of Noisy Bees to Parectoplasm, Abraham
Parectoplasm, Adam to Performaction Bungee Jumpwoman
Performaction Confrontation to Phantom Tunnel
Phantom Unleash to Pironi, the Impact Driver
Pisces Zodiarts to Poison Moss Spore Cloud
Poison Moss Spore Collective to Pokémon - Pidgeot
Pokémon - Pidgeot 2 to Positron Magnet
Positron Paladin to Prime Dragoncaller of Creation, Zirneptune
Prime Dragoncaller of Ungodly Flames, Babd Catha to Pterrorsaur Luna
Pterrorsaur Lyris to Quantum Spark Snake
Quantum Spark Warg to Radiant Fiend
Radiant Flash to Rampager Bicorn
Rampager Bison to Raymond the Swordsmaster
Rayo, the Ray of Blinding Light to Red Fundy
Red Goblin to Rescue Xyz
Research from the Fossils to Rift Beast - Coughing Zero Dragon
Rift Beast - Crimson Eclipse Dragon to Roe Gardna
Roe Healer to Rust Edge Executioner
Rust Edge Over Server to Saitan the Mind Hacker
Saito Yukimura to Satellite Navigational
Satellite Observation to Scorchmetal 1084 "Copperchamel"
Scorchmetal 1510 "Steelsteed" to Secret Tunnel
Secret Underground Hangar to Shaddoll Wen
Shaddoll Wyvern to Sheer-Cold Beauty
Shegoren, the Giant Crab Kaiju to Showdown in the Sunset
Showers, Miraculous Beast of the Forest to Silver General, the Strategy Ally
Silver Gold-Plate Beast to Sky Nature - Wild Human
Sky Nature Field to Sneak Attack
Sneak Strike to Sonicyber Trophy
Sonicyber Tween to Spank (mechanic)
Spankable Spy of the Springs to Speed Raptors - Triceratops
Speed Raptors - Troodon to Spiral Saga, Mario
Spiral Saga, Master Chief to Star Chart
Star Chaser - Amy Rose to Static Opinicus
Static Overlord to Stormknight Paladin
Stormknight Pikeman to Struve the Ano-Stellus
Stubborn Fighter to SuperUnknown Wormhole Diffuser
Super Attribrutal Fusion to Supreme Wind Lord - Twister Hurricane
Supremum Infimum Limitar - Analysis to Synchro Dice Vortex
Synchro Formation to Taner Nasf
Tangent Destruction to Terror from the Deep - Scylla
Terror of Chattur'gha to The Mercenaries' Contract
The Mercenaries' Healing Aid to Thousand-Eyes Doll
Thousand-Eyes Fusion to Timerift Guardian - Alexander
Timerift Guardian - Alice to Tower of Guidance
Tower of Lost Souls to Trickstar Revolution
Trickstar Wild Rose to Twilight Hunter - Megan
Twilight Hunter - Olga to Umbral Horror Magician of Masquerades
Umbral Horror Nightmare to Utomatopia
Utopia, Evolution of Hope to Verdalken Æthermage
Verdant Sun's Avatar to Vlad, the Impaler of the Blood Moon
Vlakas to War Combatant - Ekko, the Boy Who Shattered Time
War Combatant - Elise, The Spider Queen to Wattcavalry
Wattchipmunk to White Warrior - Graupel the Steel Juggernaut
White Warrior - Hail the Iron Hammer to Willknight Overmind
Willknight Paladin to Wormhole Behemoth
Wormhole Chimera to Yang of Creation - Balance Keeper
Yang of Creation - Blessed Lion to Yukito Ousama
Yukumo Resort Outpost to Zoo Medallion Arms, Kani
Zoo Medallion Arms, Kujaku to ❤-Performance Parade
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