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Soul Monsters (ソウルモンスター, Souru Monsutā) are new monsters used in Yu-Gi-Oh! L.O.G. and Yu-Gi-Oh! Q. They are Special Summoned by Soul Summon, They are stored in the Main Deck and have a darker, blue-green card frame with a slightly different frame design to contrast to Spell Cards or Hybrid Monsters.

It has a sub-series of monsters, known as Soul Evoker Monsters.

In order to be Summoned, a Soul Monster must first be placed (face-down) into the Soul Zone, a single Zone located to the left of the Extra Deck on a standard field. Then, when a monster (or in some cases, Ultima Card) on your field leaves the field and is sent to a specific location (Graveyard, Banished Zone, Deck, Extra Deck (face-up) for Pendulums, and so on) listed on the Soul Monster, and if it has an indicator (Level, Rank, Hierarchy, etc.) whose absolute value is equal to one of the "Soul Links" of a monster in the Soul Zone, the monster in the Soul Zone can be Summoned to a Monster Zone and the monster/card that left the field is place underneath it as Soul Material. A Soul Monster's Level is equal to its highest Soul Link.


  • A player can only place 1 Soul Monster into their Soul Zone from their hand normally once per turn (similarly to the rule of 1 Normal Summon per turn.) However, cards put into the Soul Zone by effects do not count towards the "once a turn" rule.
  • Cards in the Soul Zone are "on the field", so should a card such as Final Destiny be activated, a card in the Soul Zone would be destroyed. However, they are not treated as being monsters on the field, while in the Soul Zone, they cannot be destroyed by cards such as Raigeki.
  • Cards in the Soul Zone cannot be removed from the field by game mechanics, similarly to Pendulum Monsters.
  • Should a Soul Monster be removed from the field, it's Soul Material(s) are sent to the Graveyard.
  • Soul Monsters' "Soul Link" will specify whether a monsters that leaves the field and returns to the Extra Deck had to return face-up (in the case of Pendulum Monsters) or face-down to the Extra Deck.
  • The act of putting a Soul Monster into the Soul Zone is not considered Setting a card, so it cannot be stopped by the effect of Dark Simorgh
  • If a Soul Monster was not properly Soul Summoned, it cannot be Special Summoned from the Graveyard or while banished (unless it specifies another way to properly Special Summon it).

Example Card Frame[]

Soul Monster Card Frame.jpg