Sora Hideyoshi
Age 16
Gender Female
Status Alive
Likes Helping others, Animals, Nature,
Dislikes Being a bother, Eating, Bad smells, Meat
Deck Speedroid
Appears in Loy Academy

Basic Information:Edit

  • Sexuality: Asexual
  • Height: 4’5 ft
  • Race: Human


Sora is an honest and kind person, but quiet when people first meet her. She puts others first and would never lie to them. And if the truth would hurt them, she would still say it and try her best to help them through it. There are times that she would take the blame for something in order to protect someone who she thinks deserves another chance. P.S. She also gets nervous around boys


  • Dorm Level: Green
  • Dorm Number: 5


Sora was raised with a simple mindset: “Put others first.” Her mother always told her that it’s better to be the one being hurt rather than the one hurting others. She believed those words. Sora had a hard time in Junior-High due to the way she was treated simply for being a girl. Sora then came up with this complex plan to pretend that she was actually a boy all along, and was only pretending to be a girl because of his appearance. Of course, it was a lie. People did believe it though, and they stopped treating her poorly. Sora never made friends, she always thought she wasn’t worthy of being anyone’s friends. Sora continues to treat everyone equally. Now that Junior-High is over, Sora is starting her life in Loy Academy.



  • Speedroids

Ace Card(s):Edit

  • Clear Wing Synchro Dragon

Duel Spirits: Edit

  • Clear Wing Synchro Dragon

Dimension Champion: Edit

Sora is one of the 4 Legendary Dimension Champions. She holds Clear Wing Synchro Dragon and his many forms. When Sora feels a high count of a Prime Emotion she gets surrounded by a White Aura.

Trivia: Edit

  • She gets nervous around boys
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