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  • A new type of monster created by --OnePiece (talk) 23:03, January 17, 2018 (UTC). Sonar Monsters are placed in Extra Deck and in order to Sonar Summon them, the player must have a number of Sonar Counter on each of these monsters equal to their level. Their  border colors are green and gray. During the Main Phase, the turn player can flip a Sonar Monster from their Extra Deck into face up, just like Pendulum Monsters. Also, most of the Sonar Monsters, while face up in the Extra Deck, can activate effects, mostly being effects that will generate counter to themselves. Pendulum Sonar Monsters, if placed face up in the Extra Deck can also activate these effects, and can be both Sonar Summoned or Pendulum Summoned. Eventough there is no limit of face up Sonar Monsters in the Extra Deck, considering the Pendulum ones, a player can only flip up to 2 Sonar Monster at a time. If a face up Sonar Monster that had a Sonar Counter loses all of these Sonar Counters while in the Extra Deck, it is flipped face down,and vice-versa.

By default, the ammount of Sonar Counter on a Sonar Monster, will never be more than the LV of that monster. If happens of a effect be applied that would cause a Sonar Monster have more counters than its LV, it will gain the misisng ammount possible to match the LV, instead. Some Sonar Monsters can only gain Sonar Counter by supporting effects. When Sonar Summoned, all of the Sonar Counter on that monsters will remain, so they can be used again. Just like any Extra Deck monster, a Sonar monster can be targeted by cards that would return them to the hand or deck, but instead, they will return to the Extra.I f a Sonar Monster is Special Summoned from the GY, or banished, it will have zero Sonar Counters.


Any card that can discard cards from the Extra Deck can be a big trouble for Sonar Monsters.


The first Sonar Monster created is Radar Whale. They are one of the few Extra Deck Monsters that will not require any monsters as materials.