USAEnglish Solaris
JPNKanji ソラリス
Additional Info
Manga Appearance Yu-Gi-Oh! Q

Solaris (ソラリス Sorarisu, also written as 太陽ソラリス) is an archetype of FIRE-Attribute cards used by Takuto Yunogaya in Yu-Gi-Oh! Q.</p>


Solaris is the name of the computer operating system that Sun Microsystems provides for its family of Scalable Processor Architecture-based processors as well as for Intel-based processors. It also has the root word "Solar" in it, relating to the sun even more.

The name of the archetype is written with the base "太陽", meaning "solar" or "sun".


Of the few shown, "Solaris" cards seem to revolve around Soul Monsters and other methods of Summoning along with ATK boosting and protection in battle.

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