Sarah D'arc
Age 19
Gender Female
Status Alive
Likes ice cream, cats, humans
Dislikes non human races (trying to be nice them) herself, dogs
Deck Utopia (Hope In Abyss)
Appears in Loy Academy

Basic Information:Edit

  • Sexuality: Bisexual
  • Height: Unknown
  • Race: she was human. Now she is a........... “I don’t know okay. That traitorous son of a [[REDACTED]] did this to me. You must believe me. I am Sarah D’arc”


a cheerful but confused woman who can act a bit like someone who is still serving the military


  • Dorm Level: Red
  • Dorm Number: 4


Sarah was part of the Army. Due to her squads performance. They were each granted 1 wish. Most of them chose to just get 2 weeks off to see their family. But Sarah and one other Person called Vince chose to stay working. So they were let into a secret project. A project to change history. To shoot a person back in time and reel them back in multiple times to silently stop the war by stopping the creation or discovery of the other races. They first had to do some test shots to just estimate how far back they should shoot her. And it worked! But they shot her not far enough. She was there just silently watching the royal families while the current rulers were still in so small. They were so cute back then. She even got up close due to her suit tricking the brain into thinking she was not there but the childrens brains were underdeveloped so they might’ve noticed her. But after several failed shots Vince finally reveal what he really was. A demon who’s real intentions were to kill Sarah D’arc, Core Amminus and Alexandria Ceasar. 3 big figures in the war. But he couldn’t kill Sarah that easily. So he set her to be shot 30 years into the future and broke the control panel. Enough time to starve. So she was shot into a non-reality. (Non-reality is a place that is created if somehow something enters it. It will go on to erase everything inside of it. Starvation and dehydration are impossible here. Cuz that would mean it abides to reality) she was there for days, weeks, months, years. Her skin changed colour and strange blobs who attached themselves to her. To pass the time she thought it would be funny to give herself a tail. But as the universe hated her she couldn’t get it off again. Slowly the suit she was on changed to a black liquid covering most of her body. Good thing was she could make it still look like her suit. when she eventually got back into time she was.... I can’t even call her a demon. She was a non-human amalgamation.



  • Utopia

Ace Card(s):Edit

  • Numbers 99: King of Wishes - Hope Dragoon

Duel Spirits: Edit

  • Numbers 99: King of Wishes - Hope Dragoon
  • Number 24: Dragulas the Vampiric Dragon
  • Number F0: Utopic Future

Trivia: Edit

  • She has a spirit named Astral who lives with her
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