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Sanctuary in the Woods
Card Attribute: Spell Card Spell.png
Property: Field Field.png
Card Lore:

(This card name is always treated as "Forest" and "Insectoid Sanctuary"). All ground Animal and Insect monsters you control gains 500 ATK and DEF. You can select and 1 of the following effects:

  • Target 1 Beast monster in your GY; discard 1 card and if you do, Special Summon that target (a card discarded by this cost is treated as if it was discarded by the effect of a Beast monster)
  • Target 1 Plant monster in your GY; shuffle it into the deck and gain LP equal the DEf of that monster
  • Special Summon 1 Insect monster from your hand and double the DEF of that monster, but send it to the Gy when it leaves the field.
  • Return 1 Winged Beast you control to your hand; Special Summon a Winged Beast monster from your hand with a lower level.

You can only use 1 "Sanctuary in the Woods" effect per turn and only [1/turn].

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