Saber of Shadows is a booster pack.

Saber of shadowz.png

Features:[edit | edit source]

This pack will have re-errated versions of Chadook's old cards, Support for Magnificent Vine,Paintress, and Yokaidy.

This pack will also introduce the "Gas Fiend" Archetype. and gives full support to "Red Yukiron".

Card List[edit | edit source]

Set Number Legacy English Name Japanese Name Rarity Type
SOS-EN001 FireWolf 地獄からの妖怪ウルフ Common Tuner Normal Monster
SOS-EN002 Lovely Cutie アムールロリベイブ Common Effect Monster
SOS-EN003 The Wicked Meow Meow Gurl 悪魔猫の可愛い人 - ビッグ爪 Common Non-Effect Fusion Monster
SOS-EN004 Red Yukiron Blonde Gunner RED 由紀 ベイブ ホットガンベーブ - 嫌い No.007 Millenium Rare Synchro Monster
SOS-EN005 Boots Attack! Common Spell Card
SOS-EN006 Fiber Vine Bud Hinn Rare Evolute Monster
SOS-EN007 Paintress' Gallery 女流画家」ギャラリー ??? Field Spell Card
SOS-EN008 Paintress Dragon 女流画家ドラゴン ??? Synchro Monster
SOS-EN009 Paintress-Ama Trishoghi ??? Synchro Monster
SOS-EN010 Magnificent Vine Binding Snake M・Vine ネクタイスネーク ??? Spirit Monster
SOS-EN011 Binding Snake Clausolas of Evil Vine E・Vine ボンデージスネーククラウソラス ??? Effect Monster
SOS-EN012 Earth bound Maiden 地球はメイデンを結合しました ??? Normal Monster
SOS-EN013 KuriBalsam of Fiber Vine F・Vine 久里バルサム ??? Effect Monster
SOS-EN014 Arbaduck Dragon ??? Effect Monster
SOS-EN-015 Fiber Vine Rose Hinn F・Vine ローズヒン ??? Ritual Monster
SOS-EN016 Paintress-Ama Pro-Cesano Common Synchro Pendulum Monster
SOS-EN017 Paintress Rembrandia Kaiba Corporation Rare Normal Pendulum Monster
SOS-EN018 Carole, Tigeragon Queen of Fiber Vine F・Vine タイガードラゴン女王 Secret Rare Evolute Monster
SOS-EN019 Paintress ARMANIa ベイブペイント ARMANIa Ultra Rare Pendulum Normal Monster
SOS-EN020 Pomegrenate Snake of Magnificent Vine M・Vine ザクロスネーク Ultra Rare Special Summon Monster
SOS-EN021 Magnificent Vine Binding Snake M・Vine ネクタイスネーク Secret Rare Spirit Monster
SOS-EN-022 Magi Magi ☆ Reflecting Archfiend マギマギ☆反映デーモン Collectors Rare Tuner Monster
SOS-EN-023 Gas Fiend- Bunbuku Gold Rare Special Summon Monster
SOS-EN-024 Gas Fiend - Pegasus Rare Effect Monster
SOS-EN-25 Unjustified Rampage 不当な大暴れ Collectors Rare Quick-Play Spell Card
SOS-EN026 Hutei, Jam of Evil Vine E・Vine エボラジャム Shatterfoil Rare Pendulum Monster
SOS-EN027 Tastira Gold Rare Effect Monster
SOS-EN-028 Psy-Gas Fiend - Gas Dude ??? Xyz Monster
SOS-EN-029 Psy-Gas Fiend - Butane ??? Xyz Monster
SOS-EN-030 Gas Fiend - Bouteillante Parallel Rare Effect Monster
SOS-EN-031 Red Yukiron - RAM Valkyria RED RAM 戦場のヴァルキュリア Starfoil Rare Fusion Monster
SOS-EN-032 RED Yukiron -LumOni RED マシン鬼 RUM Kaiba Corporation Rare Synchro Monster
SOS-EN-033 Red-Yukiron Polymizer Neko RED 由紀 フュージョン猫 Common Effect Monster
SOS-EN-034 Knifewing Kuriboh Super Rare Effect Monster
SOS-EN-035 Hunting Shahine of Magnificent Vine Secret Rare Xyz Monster
SOS-EN-036 Gas Fiend - Snake Common Effect Monster
SOS-EN-037 Gas Fiend - Nekomata Secret Rare Effect Monster
SOS-EN-038 Biroghi of Magnificent Vine M・Vine 女流画家バード・ゴッホ Ultra Rare Special Summon Monster
SOS-EN-039 Moonlight Fairy Princess of Magnificent Vine M・Vine 月光の妖精姫 Kaiba Corporation Rare Xyz Monster
SOS-EN-040 Diabolic Toilet 悪のトイレ Shatterfoil Rare Flip Monster
SOS-EN-041 Zombie Princess of Darkness 闇の腐ったフェアリープリンセス Ultimate Rare Xyz Monster
SOS-EN-042 Fire Fafa Powered 火災ファファはパワード Secret Rare Normal Monster
SOS-EN-043 Phantom Yokaidy - Unicore Secret Rare Fusion Monster
SOS-EN-044 Phantom Yokaidy - Gungnir 妖怪レディグングニル Gold Rare Synchro Monster
SOS-EN-045 Paintress-Ama Disfguring Warholee Ultimate Rare Synchro Monster
SOS-EN-046 The Super Spicy Cook Rare Effect Monster
SOS-EN-047 Yokaidy Hazy Itsumade Rim 妖怪レイジーぼんやりとした今昔画図続百鬼凛 Secret Rare Tuner monster
SOS-EN-048 Yokaidy Kamaitachi Kopela Super Rare Effect Monster
SOS-EN-049 Psy-Gas Fiend - Propane Rare Evolute Monster
SOS-EN-050 Little Dutch Gal of Fiber Vine ??? Effect Monster
SOS-EN-051 Knifewing SheCaptain Secret Rare Fusion Monster
SOS-EN-052 Paintress Handstand Goghi Secret Rare Pendulum Normal Monster
SOS-EN-053 Harambe, Gorilla of Fiber Vine Rare Effect Monster
SOS-EN-054 Phantom Yokaidy - FemCaptain Ultra Rare Ritual Monster
SOS-EN-055 The Phantom Yokaidy Rituals Rare Ritual Spell Card
SOS-EN-056 Killer Autriche Ultra Rare Effect Monster
SOS-EN-057 Hinogi, The Demise Taker Super Rare Pendulum Tuner monster
SOS-EN-058 RexAnt レックス工場 Ultra Rare Effect Monster
SOS-EN-059 Lovely Apron With a Heart! Common Equip Spell Card
SOS-EN-060 Phantom Yokaidy - Exciton ファントム妖怪レディベルゼブブ Promo Rare Evolute Monster
SOS-EN-061 Synchro Crack Rare Normal Spell Card
SOS-EN-062 Posessed Plant of Evil Vine Common Effect Monster
SOS-EN-063 Man-Eater Poison Worm of Evil Vine Rare Synchro Monster
SOS-EN-064 Synchro Keygen Common Normal Trap Card
SOS-EN-065 Calamity Lum Super Rare Tuner monster
SOS-EN-066 Phantom Yokaidy - Gasman Ultra Rare Ritual Monster
SOS-EN-067 The Phantom Yokaidy Resurrection Rare Ritual Spell Card
SOS-EN-068 Calamity's Synchro Ultra Rare Normal Trap Card
SOS-EN-069 Petal Magician Girl ペタル・マジシャン・ガール Super Rare Effect Monster
SOS-EN-070 Phantom Yokaidy - Eghoul Common Xyz Monster
SOS-EN-071 Phantom Yokaidy - RAM Common Xyz Monster
SOS-EN072 Yokaidy Kitsune Beibu 妖怪レディきつねベイブ Ultra Rare Effect Monster
SOS-EN073 Yokaidy Neko Onna Collectors Rare Flip Monster
SOS-EN074 Phantom Yokaidy's Decisive Armor ファントム妖怪レディース決定的アーマー Secret Rare Synchro Monster
SOS-EN075 Phantom Yokaidy - Windaa ファントム妖怪レディ・ミドラーシュ Super Rare Fusion Monster
SOS-EN-076 Electrofans Maker Secret Rare Spell Card
SOS-EN-077 PalmTrees Fairy ヤシの木の妖精 Starfoil Rare Tuner monster
SOS-EN-078 Flangel 溶岩の女の子 Parallel Rare Synchro Monster
SOS-EN-079 Ghostrilic ??? Evolute Monster
SOS-EN-080 Carole, Prime Queen of Fiber Vine F・Vine 首相の女王 Common Pendulum Effect Monster
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