Ryuuji Kuromine
English: Ryuuj Kuromine
Japanese: 黒峰 竜児
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Decks: Astral Arms
Key Cards: Astral Arms - Buster Gauntlet
Appears In: Yu-Gi-Oh! FrontAge

Ryuuji Kuromine (黒峰 竜児, Kuromine Ryūji) is the main protagonist of Yu-Gi-Oh! FrontAge. Newly admitted to FrontAge, he is appointed head officer of the 25th District and is soon put in charge of the Midnight Dragon Investigation.




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Disappearance & Academy DaysEdit

2 years priot to the beginning of the story, Ryuuji attended the Duel Officers Academy for only 1 year at age 18, and graduated alongside Gaito Yoshimura. Prior to this however, Ryuuji had been reported missing for 3 years, and during this time, he supposedly underwent a stark change in personality and appearance. It is currently unknown where he was during this 3 year period, as even he is unaware.

Ryuuji went primarily unnoticed at the Academy, save for by Gaito and a few others, up until an incident where the Solid Vision system had malfunctioned and caused one of the summoned monsters to go berserk and start attacking. While Gaito attempted to defend the students with his own "Ignition Frame" Battle Unit, he was assaulted by the monster and was left unable to move his Battle Unit. At that moment, Ryuuji had appeared, donning his Full-Body Battle Unit, "Astral Arms - Buster Gauntlet", and proceeded to defend Gaito and take down the berserk monster. After becoming known as something of a hero at the Academy, Ryuuji gained the nickname "Black Dragon" ("Kokuryu", a joke on hid name having "Kuro" (Black) and "Ryu" (Dragon) in it), a trend that was started by Gaito out if gratitude for Ryuuji saving him.

After graduation, Ryuuji was immediately recruited into the higher ranks of FrontAge, without having to go through the normal training procedures, earning both the respect and envy of many of his fellow graduates.

Midnight Dragon InvestigationEdit

Having been transfered to the 25th District and been placed in charge of it, Ryuuji was promoted to District Captain and was appointed 2 Officers: Gaito Yoshimura, as fate would have it, and Amane Asahina, a new FrontAge recruit fresh out of training.


Ryuuji uses an ”Astral Arms“ Deck, seemingly focused on multiple summon methods and primarily, various Battle Units. His main strategy seemings to revolve around getting Battle Units into his Graveyard, using them to bring out his ace, "Astral Arms - Buster Gauntlet", and getting it into his Battle Zone so he may abuse its effect to let him use an additional Sequence Spell Card when going up against other Battle Unit users.



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