Romana, Princess of Rose VINE
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Sub-Archetypes VINE
Creator Chadook

Rose VINE is another sub-archetype of "VINE" consisted of FIRE Plant monsters debuting in When Seedin .The archetype is focused on Evolute Summonig using Normal Monsters, while entirely reliant on Link Arrows of Link Monsters to gain full field advantage(s).


Each "Rose VINE" member is either renmants of "Gust VINE", "Magnificent VINE", Fiber VINE" or "Paintress", reincarnations of either aftermentioned archetype members, or newly related to those who were couples into one of the "VINE" archetypes. "Yasmin Queen of Rose VINE" is the only "Rose VINE" monster with no in-archetype inferior forms and in under none of the aftermentioned circumstances whatsoever.

Connections to Magnificent VINE and Callbacks to the other ArchetypesEdit

This archetype is entirely connected to the "Magnificent VINE" in terms of lores, in the lore of "When this baby princess defends, it causes terror to the attackers, but if she evolves, she becomes a beauty with Undefeatable raw power.

Call the 8-pointed symbol, with the three 786 digits, the fallen Magnificent VINE People only left this child, with Incrdible ATK and DEF..." This part of lore gives the exact references to the Magnificent VINE connection to this archetype.



With the exception of "Scooby, Fang Boi of Rose VINE", every other "Rose VINE" member has pellets or half fruits in case of "Bordgana, Lemon Gal of Rose VINE " for a background while they're Normal/Effect Monsters in the Main Deck. Wheras The Evolute and 1 Link Monsters, they display a full-fledged fruit/flower they resemble in the backgrounds.


Some "Rose VINE" cards use informal english or meme-like names such as "boi" or "Seedin'" Instead of "Boy" and "Seeding" or Tunisian dilect language for names such as "Bordgana" for "Orange" , "9arsa" for "Lemon", and "Shomesa" for "Sunflower"....

Monster Flower/Fruit Original monster/card
Scooby, Fang Boi of Rose VINE Rose Silver Fang
Ukiki, Lady of Rose VINE None Samid, Seed of Fiber VINE
Baby Romana of Rose VINE Pomegranate

Pomegrenate Elf

Onuri Princess of Magnificent VINE

Goghi, Sakura Maiden of Rose VINE Cherry blossom Paintress Goghi
Bordgana, Lemon Girl of Rose VINE Yuzu Yuzu, Guardian of Magnificent VINE
Baby Rose Dragon of Rose VINE All Fiber VINE Tigeragon
??? Dahlia Warda Sun rose Fairy of Magnificent VINE
??? Jasminum sambac/Fulla Hime, Queen of Magnificent VINE
Yasmin Queen of Rose VINE Jasmine Yasmin, NEO Princess of Gust VINE


Rose VINE primarily starts into Swarming the field through Special Summoning their Normal Monsters, and Plant monsters using Plant Generic Support, then, Link Summoning into Link Monsters, then Evolute Summon monsters to gain field advantages when they're linked, plus, they give you even further advantage of additional Normal Summons for more Link/Evolute Summons.

While Stage 4 to 6 are for Setups, 7, 8 for Offense, 9 and 10 for distruption.

Monster Stage Effect(s)
Scooby, Flare Boi of Rose VINE Link 1
  • Special Summon 1 "VINE monster
  • Supplying an Evolute Monster with E-C.
Romana, Princess of Rose VINE 4
  • Prevent the activation of other cards
  • Additional Normal Summons.
Dahija, Dahlia Archer of Rose VINE 5
  • Self-Protection
  • Adds 1 Normal Monster from the Deck.
9arsa Greenie fly of Rose VINE 6
  • Mass Banishment
  • Additional Normal Summons
Fulla, Young Pixie of Rose VINE 7
  • either Extra Deck Equip to the card.
  • 1 "VINE" monster from the GY to the card as an equip.
All-Rose Dragon of Rose VINE 8
  • Equip from your Extra Deck to the card
  • Banish 1 monster from the GY to gain more ATK.
Shomesa, Sunflower of Rose VINE 9
  • Banish opponent's hand, GY, Field, and Extra Deck.
  • Normal Monster Recovery and Draw.
Yasmin Queen of Rose VINE 10
  • Self-Protection
  • Anti-Target + Banishment Negation.
  • "VINE" Special Summoning from GY.


  • This is the only "VINE" sub-archetype with the least members.
  • This is the only "VINE" sub-archetype with Pure Attributes and Monster-Type.
  • THis is the only "VINE" sub-archetype" not to be used by any Yu-Gi-Oh! ME character.

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