Rite Monsters (Japanese: 儀典ぎてん Giten "Ceremony, Rite") are a sub-type of monsters with "Rite" listed on the Type line. The effects these cards have in common, is the ability to Ritual Summon without the need of Ritual Spells.

Playing style Edit

These cards have effects similar to those of Megalith Monsters, at which they summon Ritual Monsters without Ritual Spells, from the Hand, Deck, Reincarnation Zone, and some times the Graveyard, depending on the Rite Monster itself. While a Ritual Monster can still be Ritual Summoned through a Ritual Spell, there are times when a Rite Monster can also be used for that summon without that Spell. Rite Monsters' Ritual Summoning effects can take place whether on the Field, Hand, Graveyard, or Reincarnation Zone (In case that monster is also a Ritual Monster).

Examples of Ritual Summoning with Rite Monsters Edit

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