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Rift Beast - Phantom Zero Burst Dragon
リフトビースト - ファントム・ゼロ・バースト・ドラゴン
JPN.png Japanese: リフトビースト - ファントム・ゼロ・バースト・ドラゴン
JPN.png Phonetic: Rifutobīsuto - Fantomu Zero Bāsuto Doragon
GR.png Ελληνικά Θηρίο του Ρήγματος - Φαντασμικός Μηδενικός Δράκος της Έκρηξης
Creator: NovaTsukimori
Card Attribute: DARK DARK.png
Card Type(s): [ Dragon/Pendulum/Effect ]
Level: Level 7 Level star.pngLevel star.pngLevel star.pngLevel star.pngLevel star.pngLevel star.pngLevel star.png
Pendulum Scale: 4 Pendulum Scale.png 4
ATK/DEF: 2500 / 2000
Pendulum Lore:

Once per turn, if a Pendulum Monster you control destroys an opponent's monster by battle: It can make a second attack in a row. If a card or effect is activated that could destroy or banish cards in your Pendulum Zone during its resolution while you have a "Rift Beast", "Blood Moon", or "Gesshoku" card in your other Pendulum Zone: You can negate the effect and destroy that card, then your opponent draws 1 card. You can only use this effect of "Rift Beast - Phantom Zero Burst Dragon" once per turn.

Monster Lore:

(This card is also always treated as "Rift Beast - Zero Burst Dragon".)
Once per turn, if this card battles a monster whose ATK is equal to or higher than this card's ATK: You can halve its ATK until the end of this turn, and if you do, halve your opponent's current LP. If this card in the Monster Zone is destroyed by battle or by your opponent's card effect: You can inflict damage to your opponent equal to the ATK of 1 face-up Pendulum Monster in your Extra Deck. You can only use this effect of "Rift Beast - Phantom Zero Burst Dragon" once per turn.

Japanese Lore:


Sets: Love Unbound
Rarity: Ultra Rare/Secret Rare
User: Luna Tsukimori
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