Rift Beast - Clockwork Interface Dragon
リフトビースト - クロクァーク・インタフェース・ドラゴン
JPN Japanese: リフトビースト - クロクァーク・インタフェース・ドラゴン
JPN Phonetic: Rifutobīsuto - Kurōku Intafeisu Doragon
Creator: NovaTsukimori
Card Attribute: DARK DARK
Card Type(s): [ Cyberse/Link/Effect ]
Link Markers: Bottom-Left, Bottom, Top
ATK/LINK: 2300 / 3
Card Lore:

2+ Effect Monsters
When a monster effect is activated that would destroy or banish a monster(s) you control (Quick Effect): You can Tribute 1 monster this card points to; negate the activation and destroy that monster. If this card destroys a monster by its own effect: This card gains ATK equal to half of that monster's original ATK.

Sets: Starter Deck D-ZERO 2017 Q2
Rarity: Ultra Rare
User: Luna Tsukimori
Card Limit:
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Other Card Information:

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