Resonance Monsters (レゾナンスモンスター, Rezonansu Monsutā) are new monsters used in (insert upcoming Yu-Gi-Oh! "series" here). They are Special Summoned by Resonance Summon, using Wave monsters and monsters in your hand, Graveyard, and Banished Zone. They are stored in the Extra Deck and the color of their card frame is dark orange.

Similarly to Synchro Monsters and Composition Monsters, Resonance Monsters need a specific kind of monster, in this instance Wave monsters, in order to be Summoned. As for placement of the material monsters being used for the Summon, they are kept underneath the Resonance Monster, similarly to Xyz Monsters, and are used for the Summon of Mono Monsters.

Relation to Mono MonstersEdit

All Resonance Monsters posses a "Mono Link" that allows them to use their Resonance Material to Summon a Mono Monster from the Extra Deck. This process is known as a Mono Summon.

Example Card FrameEdit

Resonance Monster Card Frame


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