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Relay (Japanese: リレー Riree, appears as Reリレー on OCG cards) is a new monster card type for the Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters card game created by Lyris1064. Relay Monsters always have another card type in addition to their own, but that additional card type cannot be another, secondary card type, like Impure and Pendulum.

If a Relay monster(s) is used as a material, including for a Tribute Summon, the Summoned monster gains the Relay monster's lingering effects. If they're Summoned using a material(s), they gain the lingering effects of their material(s).


The Relay type is named after the Relay Race, where some have a baton which is passed on from teammate to teammate.


  • If a monster is affected by "Blustering Winds", and it is then Tributed for "Speed Stripe Relay Dragon", "Speed Stripe" gains 1000 ATK as per the effect of "Blustering Winds".
  • If a Relay monster is affected by "Blustering Winds", and it is then used as a Link Material for LANphorhynchus, the latter gains 1000 ATK as per the effect of "Blustering Winds".


  • Lingering effects include stat changes, battle changes like having 2 or no attacks, drawbacks like "Return it to the hand during the End Phase", and more.
  • Continuous effects (such as the effects they gain by Equip cards, Field Spells like Sorcerous Spell Wall, and Continuous Spells) are not passed on after being used as a material.


  • Relay monsters passing their lingering effects on, either from themselves to a monster which uses them as a material or from a monster they use as a material, is akin to Baton Pass, the move from Pokémon.

Example Card Borders[]

Fusion Relay

Synchro Relay

Xyz Relay

Spatial Relay