Relay (Japanese: リレー Riree, appears as Reリレー on OCG cards) is a new monster card type for the Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters card game created by Lyris1064. Relay Monsters always have another card type in addition to their own, but that additional card type cannot be another, secondary card type, like Impure and Pendulum. If a Relay Monster would be sent from the field to the Deck that they started in, their user can choose to place them there face-up, which allows it (and possibly other Relay Monsters) to be Relay Summoned later. Relay monsters have their own indicator: the Point.


The Relay type is named after the Relay Race, with the Battle Phase being the stage for the contestants. All of the turn player's monsters represent the contestants. The monsters begin to attack by leaving the starting line, which is a checkpoint. The opponent and his/her monsters act as the 'finish' line, which is another checkpoint. Both of these acts are recorded onto the Relay monster.

Summoning ProcedureEdit

See Relay Summon

YGOPRO RulesEdit

See the Category for Relay Monsters.

Example Card BordersEdit


Fusion Relay


Synchro Relay


Xyz Relay


Spatial Relay

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