Reign of the Duelist is a fan Booster Pack. It follows the The Legend Continues set, and is followed by the Fighters After War set.


The set contains cards from Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V Kingdoms: Oracle of the Sodden Raven.

Cover Card: Abedabun, Queen of the Coven

Booster Set Number: 301

This set has a green vortex in its art.

This set introduces a new Type; the Beast-Mage-Type. Much like Beast-Warrior-Type is a mix of a Beast-Type and Warrior-Type, this Type is a mix of a Beast-Type and a Spellcaster-Type, started first by Captain_Clasher here.

It introduces a new series of cards called "Drivers", which are named after notable drivers of F1. In this set, the cards of that series specialize in Ionyx Summoning, Battle Gems and the use of Trap Monsters, while there is one that introduces another new mechanic for the first time; the Dimension Summon.

It introduces the "Torrent Beast" archetype and a new mechanic (Ultima). This is the second Booster Pack with "Duelist" in its name, after Duelist Alliance, that introduces two mechanics; a new Type and a new mechanic.

Contains more members and support for the "Cyber Girl" sets.

Card ListEdit

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