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Red-Eyes Necro Metal Zombie Dragon
Attribute DARK DARK.png
Type(s) [ Zombie/Link/Effect ]
Guardian Stars Moon (Moon (☾)), Pluto (Pluto (♇))
ATK / LINK 2800 / 4
Link Arrows Top, Left, Right,
LM-TopLeft-OFF.png LM-Top-ON.png LM-TopRight-OFF.png
LM-Left-ON.png LM-Right-ON.png
LM-BottomLeft-OFF.png LM-Bottom-OFF.png LM-BottomRight-OFF.png
4 level (or equal) 4 or higher Monsters. You can also Link Summon this monster by tributing 1 Level 7 or higher "Red-Eyes" zombie monster equipped with Metalmorph. You can only Special Summon "Red-Eyes Necro Metal Zombie Dragon" this way 1/turn. You can target 1 monster this monster points to; destroy it, and if it was a Zombie Monster, the controller of that monster takes damage equal to its ATK, and if they do, you can Special Summon that monster to your field if it was sent to the GY or banished. You can disable 1 of the link arrows of this card and target 1 Zombie Monster in any GY or among the banished cards; shuffle it into the deck, and if you do, gain LP equal to the ATK or DEF of the shuffled monster. If all link arrows of this monster are disabled, destroy this monster. You can only activate the first and second effect of Red-Eyes Necro Metal Zombie Dragon 1/turn.