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Recycler(再資源業者,Sai shigen gyōsha) Are monsters with the word recyclerwrote after their monster type.They are used in order to perform an Energy Summon, very similar to the Tuners are used for a Synchro Summon. Recycle can  also be Pendulum monsters,effectmonster,Normal Monsters,and in some rare cases, they can even be Tuner monsters.They also have level, like most of the monsters, what means that they can be used for the summon of any monster based on levels, unless when not applicable.

How to Perform an Energy Summon[]

While you have a Recycle monster on your side of the field, and the other monster that will be used as Energy Material are also on your side of the field and/or Graveyard, you simply choose from the Extra Deck the Energy Monster you will summon, then select the Recycle and the other Energy Material Monsters(if you select the ones from your Graveyard,this is not treated as targeting) whose sum of level stars are equal the Grade of that Energy Monster, and Energy Summon that monster from your Extra Deck,and after that,place the monsters used for the summon of that monster into your Energy Card Zone that is in the same column as that monster, and placed a number of Energy Counters on that summoned Energy Monster.Some Energy Monsters requires a certain Recycle Monster in order to Summon them, also, some Recycle Monster will be restricted about the Energy Monsters it can summon.Synchro, Fusion , Enhance and Ritual Monsters also have levels, therefore,they can be used as Energy Material too.But Energy Monsters have no level, so they cannot be used to perform Synchro, Xyz or Ritual Summons without effects that would allow them to so.Also, in some cases, you can Energy Summon an Energy Monster,using another Energy Monster as Energy Material,but only when an effect that allows it is applied.Although Tokens have levels,they cannot be used as Energy Material,as the Energy Material are not treated as monster cards anymore,and such condition cannot be fullfilled by the tokens. Under some condittions, it is also possible to perform an Energy Summon using Energy Monster whose current Level/Grade are different from their original level stars/grade, but in this case, consider their current ones for the sum of Energy Counters. When using monsters that are originally Spell/Trap cards as Energy Materials, consider their current level on the field for the total count of Energy Counters

Recycle Support Cards[]

So far,there is not known support for Recycle monsters