USAEnglish Rainbow-Eyes
JPNKanji レインボー・アイズ
JPNPhonetic Reinbō Aizu
Additional Info
Creator AvzinElkein

Rainbow-Eyes (レインボー・アイズ Reinbō Aizu) is an archetype originally created by AvzinElkein and they are used by Nel'zios in The Dragons Advent. The archetype is an open source archetype, as stated by its creator.

This is an open archetype, and is not restricted to any one cardmaker.

Play StyleEdit

The play style of the archetype is pretty simple. Most "Rainbow-Eyes" monsters (and almost all Main Deck members) are Level 4 or lower with random effects, often assisting to the Summoning of the Aspect Dragons, searching, retrieval and assisting to their Summon with the help of a large number of "Rainbow-Eyes" Spells that explicitly support a mechanic, like, for example, "White Blessing" supports the Synchro portion of the deck.

Because of the lack of subtypes of monsters that assist to a Summon mechanic, like for example, a lack of Tuners, the deck heavily relies on the use of the aforementioned Spells to perform specific Summons.

The archetype specifically supports any Dragon monsters with 2500 or more ATK and 2000 DEF, including all the aforementioned Aspect Dragons, in almost its entirety, along with support for the archetype that supports it as an archetype.

Many monsters in this archetype are counterparts of old and existing cards, like how "Rainbow-Eyes Woodland Sprite" is a counterpart of an old-school "Woodland Sprite".

The deck also includes some variants/hybrids that make the game with them more intriguing, and pay homage to the continuation of The Dragons Advent.

Rainbow-Eyes Mirage BeastEdit

Similarly to how there are members of the "Performapal" and "Odd-Eyes" archetypes that belong to both said archetype, this variant is a mix of "Rainbow-Eyes" and the Virtua Clan's "Mirage Beast" archetype. Said variant cards often pay homage to both said decks, often having an effect that supports both the likes of the "Rainbow-Eyes"'s strategy to spawn Aspect Dragons, and the likes of the "Mirage Beasts" supporting mostly any LIGHT Link Monster, including their own and a wide range of others, including "Rainbow-Eyes Angel Lady" and excluding the EARTH-Attribute "Rainbow-Eyes Pylon".

Rainbow-Eyes/Legendary DragonsEdit

This variant mostly comprises of Warrior-Type "Rainbow-Eyes" and specific "Rainbow-Eyes" cards (like "Rainbow-Eyes Atlantis Legend", which supports the Legendary Dragons as a whole. Quite oddly, this variant is virtually the only one that supports all 3 "Legendary Dragons", and the "Rainbow-Eyes" archetype is the only archetype to date which has Fusion Monsters that can be Summoned with any of the 3 Legendary Dragons, namely "Wisdom Dragon" (Summoned with its effect requiring "The Eye of Timaeus"), "Dracomantle" (Summoned by "The Claw of Hermos" and using a Dragon monster) and "Garrison Dragon" (Summoned by "The Fang of Critias" and using "Fortress").

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