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This booster has 110 cards


The card list includes:

Set no. English name Rarity Category
RASE-EN000 Poseidon's trident Common Equip Spell Card
RASE-EN001 Ari Gator Secret Rare Fusion Monster
RASE-EN002 Plaguespreader Zombie Ultra Rare Tuner Monster
RASE-EN003 Bone Sniffer Common Effect Monster
RASE-EN004 Tomb Snake Ultra Rare Tuner Monster
RASE-EN005 Frosterror Pirate Wraith Ghost Rare Fusion Monster
RASE-EN006 Bitcoin 2 Common Effect Monster
RASE-EN007 Brionac - The Dimensinal Traveler Dragon Ultra Rare Synchro Monster
RASE-EN008 Javelin Beetle Common Ritual Monster
RASE-EN009 Cursed Remains Common Normal Monster
RASE-EN010 Cards of the Soul Common Normal Spell card
RASE-EN011 Bloated Phantom Ball Secret Rare Effect Monster
RASE-EN012 Chimerasaurus Rare Effect Monster
RASE-EN013 Doctopus Common Effect Monster
RASE-EN014 Curse of Doom Rare Continuous Trap Card
RASE-EN015 Javelin Beetle Pact Common Ritual Monster
RASE-EN016 Battlefin Barracuda Common Effect Monster
RASE-EN017 Raging Seas Nymph Rare Xyz Monster
RASE-EN018 Volcan flooding Common Counter Trap
RASE-EN019 Cyber-Franken Super Rare Effect Monster
RASE-EN020 Cup of Water Common Normal Spell Card
RASE-EN021 Cursed Spell of The Exiled Soul Common Counter Trap
RASE-EN022 Dive-ergence Rare Common Spell Card
RASE-EN023 Dimensional Seer Common Effect Monster
RASE-EN024 Absorbing Mirror Force Secret Rare Normal Trap Card
RASE-EN025 Elemental Linker Doriado Rare Link Monster
RASE-EN026 Cyber Phant Common Effect Monster
RASE-EN027 Riverside Resident of the River Styx Common Effect Monster
RASE-EN028 Barrier Statue of the Torrent Common Effect
RASE-EN029 Ancient Tractor Common Normal Monster
RASE-EN030 Aegis of the Ocean Zombie Lord Common Normal Trap Card
RASE-EN031 Sea Monster of Antartica Secret Rare Tuner Monster
RASE-EN032 Acid Ghost Common Effect Monster
RASE-EN033 Castle of Dark World Common Field Spell Card
RASE-EN034 Detunation Common Effect Monster
RASE-EN035 Earthmerization Secret Rare Field Spell
RASE-EN036 Air Terror Simorgh Super Rare Synchro Monster
RASE-EN037 Egg Balloon Common Effect
RASE-EN038 Tears of Nymph Rare Normal Spell Card
RASE-EN039 Dish Lily Common Effect Monster
RASE-EN040 Raging Seas Poseidon Secret Rare Energy Monster
RASE-EN041 Quick Kicker Common Tuner Monster
RASE-EN042 Gold Spoon Common Normal Spell Card
RASE-EN043 Atlas Turtle Common Effect Monster
RASE-EN044 Regeneration Core Common Effect Monster
RASE-EN045 Friendzoned Panda Common Normal Monster
RASE-EN046 Drastic Measures Super Rare Normal Trap Card
RASE-EN047 Undine Dark Hole Super Rare Normal Trap Card
RASE-EN048 Undersea Soldier Common Effect Monster
RASE-EN049 Yomi Boat Common Effect Monster
RASE-EN050 The 7 Raging Seas Super Rare Field Spell
RASE-EN051 Ancient Submarine Super Rare Sonar Monster
RASE-EN052 Dragon Lord of The River Styx Secret Rare Synchro Monster
RASE-EN053 Undine Beautyness Rare Effect Monster
RASE-EN054 Water Dragon Ghost Rare Effect Monster
RASE-EN055 Bonding - H2O Common Normal Spell Card
RASE-EN056 Sea Monster of Red Secret Rare Tuner Monster
RASE-EN057 Battlefin Coral Spear Rare Equip Spell Card
RASE-EN058 Hydrogeddon Common Effect Monster
RASE-EN059 Oxygeddon Common Effect Monster
RASE-EN060 Cryogeist Dungeon Common Field Spell Card
RASE-EN061 Skeleangel Common Normal Monster
RASE-EN062 Hydra, Terror Serpent of the River Styx Secret Rare Dark Synchro
RASE-EN063 Sorcerer of the Fusion Ghost Rare Xyz Monster
RASE-EN064 Cryogeist Nuppepo Ultra Rare Dark Synchro Monster
RASE-EN065 Coldweiller Super Rare Effect Monster
RASE-EN066 Cryogeist Hone-Onna Rare Effect Monster
RASE-EN067 Spell Cracker Rare Quick-Play Spell Card
RASE-EN068 Dimensional Well Super Rare Continuous Spell Card
RASE-EN069 T.U.L, The Ultimate Lich Secret Rare Effect Monster
RASE-EN070 The Cycle of Rebirth Super Rare Continuous Spell Card
RASE-EN071 Bark of the Revived King Common Normal Trap Card
RASE-EN072 Cry of the Sorrowful Heart Common Quick-Play Spell Card
RASE-EN073 Petroleum Dragon Rare Fusion Monster
RASE-EN074 Desert Pyramidoise Common Normal Monster
RASE-EN075 Energy Generating Device Rare Continuous Trap Card
RASE-EN076 Sea Phoenix Ultra Rare Synchro Monster
RASE-EN077 Sea Tempest Common Normal Spell Card
RASE-EN078 Giant White Common Link Monster
RASE-EN079 Chilling Frost Skull Super Rare Effect Monster
RASE-EN080 Chilling Skull Head Super Rare Effect Monster
RASE-EN081 Wrath of the Deep Common Effect Monster
RASE-EN082 Frozen Chains Common Normal Spell Card
RASE-EN083 Cryogeist Gashadokuro Common Dark Tuner
RASE-EN084 Frost Fist Octopus Common Link Monster
RASE-EN085 Titanic Basilisk Rare Xyz Monster
RASE-EN086 Bubble Spider Common Effect Monster
RASE-EN087 Magical Wheel Common Normal Spell Card
RASE-EN088 Cryogeist Revenant Common Effect Monster
RASE-EN089 Disgusthing Super Rare Effect Monster
RASE-EN090 Coffin Trial Super Rare Normal Trap Card
RASE-EN091 Nightmare of the River Styx Common Dark Tuner/ Normal
RASE-EN092 Bubble Bomber Common Recycle Monster
RASE-EN093 Baiter Fish Common Effect Monster
RASE-EN094 Gatling Gun Shark Common Effect Monster
RASE-EN095 Sea Fruits Super Rare Normal Spell Card
RASE-EN096 Raging Seas Dolphin Common Effect Monster
RASE-EN097 Raging Seas Whale Super Rare Effect Monster
RASE-EN098 Last Try Common Normal Trap Card
RASE-EN099 Plague Zombie, Herald of the Sick Ocean Super Rare Synchro Monster
RASE-EN100 Ancient Labyrinth Common Equip Spell Card
RASE-EN101 Boreas Spawn Common Effect Monster
RASE-EN102 King Ape Common Request Monster
RASE-EN103 Cyberspace Ship Common Effect Monster
RASE-EN104 Dredge of Boreas Common Effect Monster
RASE-EN105 Cryogeist Strigoi Rare Effect Monster
RASE-EN106 Cannon Oyster Common Effect Monster
RASE-EN107 Cryogeist Onryo Common Effect Monster
RASE-EN108 Undersea Terror Kujira Rare Energy Monster
RASE-EN109 King Fish Angler Common Effect Monster