Portal Monster is a new Summon mechanic created by LHK.


Color-wise, Portal Monsters are colored green with the same pattern as Link Monsters.


Portal Monsters are stored in your Extra Deck, and like Link Monsters, they have no Level and DEF, thus they cannot exist in Defense Position. They can be Portal Summoned by sending monsters you control to the GY, depending on their battle position, as listed by the Portal Monster itself. The number of materials sent to the GY equals that monster's Player Arrows. Instead of DEF, they have LIFE. If a Portal Monster you control would be destroyed or banished, you can remove 1 LIFE instead. If that monster's LIFE becomes 0 as a result, it is banished face-down. However, LIFE indicators can be removed or placed by other effects, either as costs or as effects themselves.

However, if a monster that is "driven" by that Portal Monster (pointed by its Player Arrows, which either player can Special Summon monsters from the Extra Deck to said zones, similarly to Link Arrows) would destroy said Portal Monster (by battle, by its own effect, or banished by its card effect), you have to remove 2 LIFE indicators from that Portal Monsters instead. If that Portal Monster had a LIFE of 1, it is banished face-down automatically.



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