“Phantasmagoria” is an archetype of mostly DARK Rock and Fiend type monsters formerly used by Yudai Gensou in Scattered Factors.

Playstyle Edit

The deck revolves around banishing, and can easily Synchro for a Level 7. Checker Shadow adds in Level 8 access. They gain effects off of banishing cards, their boss being Factor LXX: Illusion Knight, which requires a Phantasmagoria Tuner to be Synchro Summoned. In case that becomes unavailable, they can go into “Black Rose Dragon” or some of their secondary bosses, “Phantasmagoria Ring” and “Phantasmagoria Double Tower”

Artwork Edit

The “Phantasmagoria“ monsters are depicted emerging from a blue crystal.

The “Phantasmagoria” crest.

Etymology Edit

All of the “Phantasmagoria” cards(Except “Core” and “Boundary”) are named after illusions or methods of creating them.

Recommended cards Edit

Dark Eruption(To recycle monsters)

Dark Mambele (Banishes a Monster)

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