Performapal Volunteer Surprise!
Card Attribute: Trap Card Trap
Property: Normal Normal
Card Lore:

Activate 1 of the following effects, depending on the number of "Performapal" Pendulum monster(s) in your Pendulum Zone(s):

  • 1: Target 1 Pendulum monster on your opponent's Pendulum Zone; Special Summon it to your side of the field in face-up Defense Position. It cannot be destroyed this turn and it is the only monster your opponent can select as an attack target. During the End Phase this card was activated: Return the selected monster to the top of your opponent's Deck.
  • 2: Take control of 1 monster your opponent controls whose level(s)/Rank is between the Pendulum Scales of the cards in your Pendulum Zones. The selected monster is treated as a "Performapal" monster and cannot attack or activate its effects this turn.
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