Performapal Pendulum Magician
JPN.png Japanese: EMエンタメイトペンデュラム・マジシャン
JPN.png Phonetic: Entameito Pendyuramu Majishan
JPN.png Translated: Entermate Pendulum Magician
Card Attribute: EARTH EARTH.png
Card Type(s): [ Spellcaster/Pendulum/Effect ]
Level: Level 4 Level star.pngLevel star.pngLevel star.pngLevel star.png
Pendulum Scale: 2 Pendulum Scale.png 2
ATK/DEF: 1600 / 1500
Pendulum Lore:

Pendulum Summoned "Performapal" monsters you control gain 400 ATK, also they cannot be Special Summoned by card effects. Pendulum Summoned "Performapal" Pendulum Monsters you control cannot be targeted for attacks.

Monster Lore:

If this card is Normal Summoned: You can add 1 "Performapal" Pendulum Monster from your Deck or face-up in your Extra Deck to your hand, except "Performapal Pendulum Magician". During either player's turn, if a "Performapal" Pendulum Monster in your Monster Zone, except "Performapal Pendulum Magician", would be destroyed, if you have empty slots in your Pendulum Zone: You can place that card to the Pendulum Zone instead.

Sets: V Jump Edition 12
Card Limit:
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Other Card Information:

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