Paradox Monster is a new Summon mechanic created by LHK.


Color-wise, Paradox Monsters are colored grey left half and purple right half.


Paradox Monsters are monsters that reside in the Paradox Deck, a special place where Paradox Monsters reside. The maximum number of cards in your Paradox Deck is 15. To Summon it, you need to have 1 monster that stayed on the field for some number of turns specified in the text of that Paradox Monster (often an even number). Place the monster underneath this card and Summon that monster to your field. Unlike Bound Monsters that work with that way, Paradox Monsters have a mysterious trait; once they are destroyed, they are placed in the Spell & Trap Zone as a Continuous Spell Card, gaining different effects. There is a maximum of 3 Paradox Monsters placed to the Spell & Trap Zone at a time. In case a Paradox Monster is destroyed while there are 3 Paradox Monsters in your Spell & Trap Zone, it is placed to the Graveyard, instead.


As of January 28th, Paradox Monsters are stored in a new Deck Zone instead of the Paradox Deck, called Warped Deck.



Coming Soon

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