Paradox Creation is a Booster Pack. It is succeeded by ???.


Cover Card: PDXC

Booster Set Number: L01

Set art color: Green

Contains: Gives support for the "Magician", "Ritual Beast", "Goblin", "Lightsworn", "Ice Barrier", "Harpie", "Aquaactress", "Shade HERO", "Blackwing", "Kozmo", "Reactor", "Dark World", "Lunalight", "Performapal" and "Six Samurai" archetypes.


There are 80 cards. This comprises:

There are 9 cards per pack (consisting of 1 Holo card, 1 Rare card, and 7 Common cards) 24 booster packs per box, and 12 display boxes per case.

Card ListEdit

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