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Pandemonium Summon or Pandemoniumu shōkan, is a new summoning method made by meedogh , the Pandemonium monster is set in the spell/trap card zone and its treated as a trap, then the Pandemonium monster is sent face-up to the extra deck After performing a pandemonium summon. Also, like traps you cannot pandemonium summon in the first time they are set in, you must wait until the next turn. When the pandemonium monster's are destroyed, they are sent face-up to the extra deck. You can summon them as monsters, or put them as a spell/trap card, but you can only put one, when you put another one, the first one is destroyed (Like field spells). to Pandemonium summon, you destroy the pandemonium monster while it is face-up in the spell/trap card zone, to special summon from your hand, or face-up from the extra deck monster's, that has levels between the two scales the pandemonium monster has.


They are like pendulums but instead of green color, it has a Between purple and pink

Pandemonium Template2.png

It has two scales

Left Pandemonium Scale.png

Left Pandemonium Scale

Right Pandemonium Scale.png

Right Pandemonium Scale

Pandemonium Template.png


It was first created in the Cosmic Dimension, By Eon, The first Pandemonium Monster that was shown in Yu-Gi-Oh! CD was Pandemoniumgraph Magician, the First Pandemonium Archetype was The True Sovereign. Story is Incomplete