"Paintress Goghi"
JPNKanji ペイントレディ
JPNPhonetic Peinto Redi
Additional Info
Manga Appearance Yu-Gi-Oh! ME

Paintress or (ペイントレディ Peinto Redi "Translated as 'Paint Lady') is an archetype mainly and mostly comprised of LIGHT Fairy female monsters. Most of the Main Deck monsters are Normal Monsters, as well as Pendulums. The archetype's Extra Deck tools is comprised of Evolute Monsters with effects that either disturpt opponent's plays, set up more strategies, or accelerate their win condition. The archetype is well known on Yu-Gi-Oh! Custom Cards community (YGOCC), and considered as on par with Magician (archetype) on power scaling. They are used by Melissa Meiry in Yu-Gi-Oh! ME, and according to Kado Senpu, they are labeled as her "dignified art deck".

"Paintress"' main deck engine is "Power Portait", an Archetype of Spell/Trap Cards whose effects manipulate the "Paintress" monsters for further advantages or Field control.

"Paintress EX" Stands for "Excellence", while "Supa-Paintress" stands for "Super", both of these fall into this archetype and count as "Paintress". As Duel Monster Spirit Guardians, "Paintress" monsters can be multiple or singles, (similar to Sex Pistols ) with each of them have a distinct personality. Their size is undefined. They can also interact with their user or opponent directly, although, they cannot speak with anyone, except for their user.



"The idea came out while i was in ISBAT (Superior Institute of Fine Arts Tunisia SIFAT in short) about some "Paint" ladies, i had the trouble giving them names, then this name came out, i initially wanted them to be just Normal Monsters, then they became Pendulums, their effects used to be random, but as the time flew, they got a consistent art, effects, and became an archetype and Engine of Normal Monsters."

Original Concept:Edit

"Paintress" was originally series of generic Normal Monsters Support with bunch of generic effects, in late 2014, they became their own archetype and a stable goal.The concept of female monsters based on artists is heavily inspired by "Melodious".


Paintress monsters , except "Paintress Valkyrian" and "Paintress Nesrine" are all elf-like monsters don dress that is based on the artists they're based on, as well as their hair designs and their skin color, their occupation is determined by the artists they're based on. Paintress Dragon is desgined after Painting Tools whereas Mystic Acrylic is depicted as an acrylic tube.  These monsters resemble, in terms of style, the "Fortune Lady" monsters. Similar to ""Infernoid" monsters, each "Paintress" monster has a color associated with it.


Paintress Names Hold references to several Painting artists, since they are Painting-themed.

Paintress's base form Color Level Paintress' Extra Deck Form Associated Painting item Name/Designsake
Baconia Black 1

Supa-Paintress Disfguring Baconia ​​​​​

Posilock Francis Bacon
Farha TBA 2 N/A Tau Cannon

Eggstreme Egg Beater

Farha Sayeed
Kontoglonna TBA 2 TBA TBA Photis Kontoglou
Atroshenkonna TBA 2 TBA TBA Andrew Atroshenko
ARMANIA Cool Grey 2 Violin Arman
Vectoria Lime 2 Paintress EX - Illustrator Vectoria Adobe Illustrator Victor Vasarely
Uccelliami Orange 2 N/A Whip Paolo Uccello
Assalia Gold 2 Paintress EX :Assalia Witchiee Boomerang Nasreddine El Assaly
Dali Dark Blue 2 Paintress EX - Surrealist Dali Clockwork Staff Salvador Dalí
Da Vinca/Vinca, The Arts Queen (Main Deck upgrade) Cyan 3 N/A Leonardo da Vinci
Rossalia Light Green 3 N/A Bubble Gun Bob Ross


Brown 3 N/A

 Hedi Turki

Matissa Cream 3 Paintress EX: Coupé-out Matissa Slingshot Henri Matisse
Mystic Acrylic N/A 4 N/A Paintress Acrylic Token Acrylic tubes
Duchampia lime green 4 Paintress EX : Rider Duchampia Bicycle Wheel Marcel Duchamp
Cabrera White 4 N/A Scythe Armand_Cabrera
Belkhodja Dark Orange 4 N/A Médina de Tunis Néjib Belkhodja
Wharholee Purple 4 Paint roller Andy Warhol
Gorgia Dark Lime 4 Paintress EX - Crescent Gorgia Magic Mirror Abdelaziz Gorgi
El Grecao light yellow 4 N/A TBA El Greco
Picassudu Olive 4

Paintress EX: Cubist Picassudu

Sledgehammer Pablo Picasso
Everdingenia Teal 4 Paintress EX - Everdingenia Umbrella Allaert van Everdingen
Nadia Dark Pink 4 Fork Nadia Ayari
Goghi/Handstand Goghi (different counterpart) Pink 4 Toy Mallet Vincent van Gogh
Hiro N/A 4 N/A N/A Not associated with an art inspiration.
Paintress Peacav Blue 4 Paintress Tempeacav Hand fan Gustav Klimt
Katsushika Moderate Red 4 (Special Summon) Ink Brush Painting Katsushika Ōi
Georigina (NOT Gorgia) Dark Violet 4 (Xyz Monster) Ink Shooters Georgia O'Keeffe
Cesano Red 5 COP 357 Derringer Paul Cézanne
Rembrandia Steel Blue 5 Paintress EX - Rembrandia Painting knife Rembrandt
Angelona Dark Red 5 Paintress EX - Angelona

Paintress Angelona Sculptragon

Trident Michelangelo
Thundarina Chocolate 5 N/A Drum kit Ammar Farhat
N/A Chocolate 5 (Evolute Monster) Charexia T-Rex arms Charles R. Knight
Luna N/A 6 N/A N/A Not associated with an art inspiration.
Rahpaelina Aqua 8


Bullet Bill

??? ??? 8 Paintress Clay Dragon N/A N/A
Roberta N/A None as it's a Link Monster N/A Spear Edward Robert Hughes
Chahine N/A None as it's a Link Monster N/A Swordfish

Nesrine Hadj Khelil (Also Self-insert)

Playing Style:Edit

Paintress as an archetype, Destroy themselves (or other archetypal cards) from the Pendulum Scales for an effect to gain more hand/field advantage, the "Power Portrait" Spells Involve Banishing "Paintress" monsters from hand or Extra Deck, or restore them from being banished to support the Archetype.They use either Pendulum Summoning in order to Utilize The Evolute Toolbox, or use Tokens. The Evolute monsters share a disturptive strategy to the opponent. "Paintress" also provides a Semi-Generic use of Normal Summon of their own archetype cards, or Normal Monsters, the well known cards of such nature are "Valkyrian", "Gorgia"Goghi", and "Da Vinca". One of the Strongest point of "Paintress" cards is the Evolute Monsters themselves, in which they possess effects that counteracts Effect Monsters, with few exceptions such as "Supa-Paintress Disfiguring Baconia" (Because Generic), " Charexia" , " EX :Assalia Witchiee", "EX - Da Vinca", "EX- Destructive ARMANIA", "Primp Turkia", and "Coupé-out Matissa". "Nesrine" and "Valkyrian" provide the best zone due to their Link Arrows down to the Main Monster Zones, while "Valkyrian" enables additional Normal Summons.

Recommended Cards:Edit



Despite them having a great ability to overcome opponent's strategies, Paintress Suffer an equal deal of weaknesses that can cause their consistency to crumble down, namely:

  • Mirror matches, often tend to be entirely Normal Monsters-centred, or other Normal Monsters decks, such as "Phantasm Spiral", as Paintress Evolute Monsters, Field Spell, and some Pendulum cards require battling Effect Monsters, they're weak against the one type they support.
  • One of the most Glaring issues is the absence of Spells or Setting the Pendulum Scales,, cards like "Naturia Beast" , "Imperial Order" will actively negate their Setting the Pendulum Scales or activating Spells, also, cards like "Anti-Spell Fragrance" and, "Sky Scourge Invicil" and  "Spell Canceller" can also hinder their ability to use Spell Cards, as well as crippling them entirely considering that Pendulum Scales cannot be Set face-down.
    • Because of this, the Deck will play rather slowly as all of their members are Normal Monsters.
  • Floodgates like "Dimensional Barrier", "Nekroz of Unicore" , "Artifact Scythe"... hinder their abilities to Special Summon Extra Deck Monsters or Pendulum Monsters for that matter.
  • "Paintress" Deck cannot combat Spell/Trap Cards, so, they are fragile to card removal in form of Spell/Trap Cards.


  • "Paintress" archetype share common traits with "Infernoid" archetype:
    • They are both supported by their Spell/Trap Archetypes respectively ("Void" for "Infernoid" and "Power Portrait" for "Paintress").
    • They both have monsters with a specific color.
  • "Paintress" archetype might be the first custom archetype that support both itself and a specific type, in which case, Non-Effect Monsters, which branches to Normal Monsters.
  • Although this archetype predates both "The Weather" and "Witchcrafter", it shares similarites with both of them in terms of the theme.
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