Notaurus is an archetype of monsters of various Types and Attributes created by The Nepfessor. They are based off the card "Rhinotaurus".

"Battle Ox", "Enraged Battle Ox", "Rabid Horseman" and "Mystic Horseman" are also "notaurus" cards because they have 「ノタウルス」 in their Japanese name, but they are unrelated to the other "notaurus" cards and their strategy.

Playing styleEdit

The playing style resembles that of the base monster "Rhinotaurus", often relying on brute force to destroy 2 or more monsters your opponent owns in that same Battle Phase to trigger their beneficial effects.


  • This archetype was created after Lyris' request done on The Nepfessor in December 2017.
    • On top of that, it was dubbed as a "Speed Duel" idea.

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