Nora Robertson is a main character created by LHK for the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V Kingdoms anime. She is the personification of justice, as her Number, along with her words, can hurt the ones who can, causing any criminal to face judgment. She is also a genius both in-duel and out-duel.


Nora has long, brown to black hair and brown eyes. She wears a T-shirt or pair of trousers with very soft color (preferred to be cream) along with a light blue pair of shoes.


Nora didn't come from a good family itself, but her cousins are the followers of a rich family holding a huge corporation. She was labeled as "the spoiled child" only because of that, facing sometimes pressure from her peers, who pretended to be friends only to take some of her money she acquired from her cousins.

After her duel with Nick, that the latter won with just 50 Life Points left, she not only gained a Number, but she proved that the skills she acquired (like extraordinary knowledge) was a result of the wealth her cousins' family had. She then joined to the Peacemakers along with the creator and the creator's close friend. After the news that the Curry Corporation heard, they became berserk and forgot any bonds they had with her. She, then, stayed with the Peacemakers team, as she thinks that "money is a mask that hides the darkness of wealth".

During The Majesty, one of Nora's cousins, Olga, got beaten by one of their members and she, despite having their bonds broken, helped her relative and started a rage duel against him. She, then, was able to wield a Rank 10 Number, that was unique powers to unite even human bonds after the Duel, causing the two relatives to walk again, after a lot of time. Olga admitted, on behalf of the Curry Corporation, that separating parts with Nora was a grave mistake, and that, at that time, they tried to contact with her, but the time prevented them from contacting with her.

Now, as a third-grade student, she enjoyed the time in school, along with her childhood and close friend and the team, along with her cousins and the lower-grade students.


Nora plays with a Banish/D.D. Dynamite Deck, spearheaded by her Number. The tactics revolve around banished cards and gaining advantage through the banishing of cards. Her main card is "Macro Cosmos", which was rumored to be only one in her Deck. Statistics said that, in a percentage of more than 60 per cent, she is able to draw Macro Cosmos at her first Draw Phase. She also inherited a card, "Dimension Laser", from her mother, that was intended to even cause true judgment to the evils she faces.


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