Naval Vessel
USAEnglish Naval Vessel
JPNKanji 軍艦ぐんかん
JPNPhonetic Gunkan
Additional Info
Creator The Nepfessor

Naval Vessel (軍艦ぐんかん, Gunkan, lit. "Warship") is an archetype of WATER Machine monsters created by The Nepfessor at the request of Imperial Kozak. It is based on various historical Ships and Ship Classes around the world.

Play StyleEdit

The play style of this deck is to Ritual and Soul Summon multiple monsters, predominately their own lineup, the "Ancient Naval Vessel" and the "Elite Naval Vessel" monsters respectively, which punish your opponent's monsters that were specifically Special Summoned from the Extra Deck. Also they have effects that apply while you have no cards in your Extra Deck, which encourages you not to run any Extra Deck monster in a "Naval Vessel" deck.

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