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A recently secondary monster type created by LHK and named by TUL.

Nature monsters, when being sent to the GY, they can be placed on your field card zone, instead, and from there gaining any effect and being vulnerable to anything that would affect field cards on the field.

  • Just like most of the monsters, the Nature monsters have LV, but they can sometimes be monsters without LV (just like the Xyz and Energy Monster, for example)


The ability of placing an nature monster on the field card zone is not treated a effect that starts a chain, so, it cannot be negated by effects that starts an chain, but they can still be negated. Say for example: "Revived King Ha Des" destroys "Whip Mistress Arin" by battle, the effect of Arin will be negated by Ha Des's effects. Nature monsters, while the field card zone are treated as Field Spell cards. While in the field card zone, the Nature monsters cannot be flipped face-down on that same card zone.


Whip Mistress is the archetype which introduces the Nature type.