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Multiplus are monsters that can be used to perform several Summon by multiplying it's level by the level of another monster. They can be used to almost any summon that requires a sum of modulus of indicador (like synchro, Energy Summon) but can also be used to perform Ritual Summons. Multiplus monsters can also be used to perform Xyz Summons, but in this case, the XYZ Summoned Rank's will not be a result of multiplication of levels and ranks.

When performing any summon using any multiplus monsters and multiplying i'ts modulus of indicator, it's multiplied by the modulus of the next monster used on that summon. 

Example: You perform a Synchro Summon using a multiplus monster and 2 other monsters while applying the multiplication, in that case, the level of the multiplus monster is only multiplied by the level of the next monster choosen for the Synchro Summon.

Example, you will summon "Dark Master - Zorc" (lv 8) with multiplication by using "Iron-winged Dragon", in order to summon it by multiplication of levels, you use either a level 2 monster, or a level 1 and a level 5 monster (in that case, you multiply the level of the multiplus monster by 1 and sum the result with the level of the other level 4 monster.

Synchro Summon specifics[]

If synchro summoning using multiplication while the Multiplus monster is also the Tuner, it's level is multiplied by the level of the next Synchro Material, and not multiplyed by the other Synchro Materials on that summon, and in that case, apply the result of the multiplication of their levels for the summon.Examples: Multomatoes ( lv 2 and multiplus), x "Mystic Clown" (lv 4)+ "The Wandering Doomed" = "Ally of Justice Decisive Armor (lv 10 synchro)

To the other hand, if using multiplication, while the Multiplus monsters is not also the Tuner, its level is multiplyed by either the lv of the Tuner monster or the LV of the Synchro Material monster choosen very before it. Examples:

  • (multiplied by the Tuner's LV)

Tomb Snake (lv 3) x Multomatoes(lv 2) + "Dancing Elf"(lv 1)= "Black Rose Dragon" (lv 7)

  • (multiplied by the non Tuner LV)

Doctopus (lv 1) + "Celtic Guardian" x multomatoes (lv 2) = Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier (lv 9)

Energy Summon Specifics[]

The rulings are the same as the Synchro Summon.


The first multiplus monster is "Iron-winged Dragon"