Moonlight Blossom
JPN.png Japanese: げっこうはな
JPN.png Phonetic: Gekkō Hana
GR.png Ελληνικά Άνθισμα της Έκλειψης
Creator: NovaTsukimori
Card Attribute: Spell Card Spell.png
Property: Normal Normal.png
Card Lore:

Target 1 face-up "Blood Moon" or "Gesshoku" monster you control; it can make up to 3 attacks during this Battle Phase, also, if it attacks, your opponent cannot activate cards or effects until the end of the Battle Phase. You can only activate 1 "Moonlight Blossom" per turn.

Japanese Lore:


Sets: Love Unbound
Rarity: Short Print
User: Luna Tsukimori
Card Limit:
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