Mono Monsters (モノモンスター, Mono Monsutā) are new monsters used in (insert upcoming Yu-Gi-Oh! "series" here). They are Special Summoned by Mono Summon, though Resonance Monsters They are stored in the Extra Deck and the color of their card frame is dark blue to differ from Ritual Monsters, who are a light blue.

Unlike other Extra Deck monsters, who rely on cards in the Main Deck to be summoned, Mono Monsters must completely rely on Resonance Monsters, another Extra Deck monster, in order to be Summoned. Mono Monsters can only be Summoned when a Resonance Monster activates its "Mono Link" and moving all of its Resonance Material to another Monster Zone and placing the Mono Monster in that Zone. The number of Resonance Material being moved is usually equal to the Level of the Mono Monster being Summoned.

As Mono Monsters follow stricter Summoning conditions, they tend not to be limited by the "Rule of 2000" and such.

Example Card FrameEdit

Mono Monster Card Frame


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